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  1. Hi, folks, anyone know how can I remove the "Getting Started" shortcut from the Windows 7 Enterprise Start Menu for all users. Can I do this via an unattend file (I couldn't find a setting in WSIM) or script? Of course I can have each user right click and select 'Remove from this list', but there's got to be a better way. Can't find any registry or policy setting for it (am I blind!). PS, I have customised the oobefldr.dll file so it shows a completely custom set of links, which means I don't want to disable the control panel item; I just want to remove it from the Start Menu. thanks,
  2. Hi, guys, thanks for the replies. I am installing using the full source, ie, it runs through the full install. I'm not just expanding the install.wim, which I realise will cause issues.
  3. Hi, My question is thus: Apart from the obvious benefit of speed, why would I bother capturing a Win7 image and faffing about with all of the other stuff needed to make it work given that I have managed to deploy Windows 7 Enterprise via SCCM OSD, including all the settings and software my enterprise requires(en-AU Regional settings, network\domain, GPO and so on). Is there some problem with NOT capturing the deployed (but exactly how we want it) OS and continuing to use our SCCM OSD deploy? I've seen a lot of how-tos saying it's part of the process, but none of them have said why...
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