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  1. Not sure if this thread is still valid.. I ran into the same issue .. We did add the mdt 2010, and also ran "Configure ConfigMGR Integration" however the "Import Microsoft Deployment Task Sequence" is still missing. The Only option available is "Create Microsoft Deployment Task Sequence" Can I just go ahead and create one? What would I be missing? Thanks in advance. Slaris
  2. Hello Let me Start off my thanking you for the Step by Step Guide you created.. Great Job!! I am resposible for maintaining our server images and have now been tasked with getting them ready for deployment via SCCM. Being a total SCCM NOOB your guide is greatly appreciated! My problem: In Following the guide "How can I deploy Windows Server 2008 using SCCM 2007 sp1 step by step guide -Part 1" the option "Import Microsoft Deployment Task Sequence" is missing from my drop down menu. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong? We are on SP2.. and not sure if that would be the reason behind that option not being available. Thanks in advance.
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