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  1. I have an ADR that failed with 0X87D20003 SQl Error.

    I have found this site that has the same error, and its related to a deleted collection or missing collection.


    I am trying to run a query to identify a missing collection, but getting an error:

    declare @ADRName varchar (200) = 'Workstation Updates ADR'
       Data.value('(/DeploymentCreationActionXML//CollectionId/node1]', 'nvarchar(max)') CollectionID
     , c.CollectionID
     , c.Name
    from RuleActions ra
    left join v_Collection c on c.CollectionID = Data.value('(/DeploymentCreationActionXML//CollectionId/node1]', 'nvarchar(max)')
    where ra.RuleID = (select AutoDeploymentID from vSMS_AutoDeployments where Name = @ADRName)
    and ra.Name = 'DeploymentTemplate'

    Msg 2205, Level 16, State 1, Line 7
    XQuery [RuleActions.Data.value()]: ")" was expected.

    What have i missed in the query? 

    I have also checked and all collections are in good state.

    Thanks for the help.


  2. This is an old topic, but i am trying to use during in place upgrade TS and having some issues.

    When i run this command:

    cmd.exe /c robocopy /mir /z %_smstslogpath% m:\%_smstsmachinename% /copy:dt /NFL /NDL

    The %_smstslogpath% is resolving to "c:\windows\sysWOW64\ccm\logs\Smstslog"

    However that directory does not exists, I only have "c:\windows\sysWOW64\ccm\logs" at that point.

    So my xcopy is failing with exit code 3. Is there any way to use that variable or should i hard code it to c:\windows\ccm\logs?

    Thank you.

    WinPE, Before HD Format x:\windows\temp\smstslog\smsts.log
    WinPE, After HD Format x:\smstslog\smsts.log
    Windows, No SCCM Client Installed c:\_SMSTaskSequence\Logs\Smstslog\smsts.log
    Windows x86, SCCM Client Installed c:\windows\system32\ccm\logs\Smstslog\smsts.log
    Windows x64, SCCM Client Installed c:\windows\sysWOW64\ccm\logs\Smstslog\smsts.log
    Task Sequence Completed x86 c:\windows\system32\ccm\logs\smsts.log
    Task Sequence Completed x64 c:\windows\sysWOW64\ccm\logs\smsts.log
  3. I just installed 1709 and there are some new appx packages i would like to remove. 

    PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> Get-AppxPackage -AllUsers *people* | select name, PackageFullName

    Name                                   PackageFullName
    ----                                   ---------------
    Microsoft.Windows.PeopleExperienceHost Microsoft.Windows.PeopleExperienceHost_10.0.16299.15_neutral_neutral_cw5n1h2t.


    PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> Get-AppxPackage -AllUsers *people* | Remove-AppxPackage

    But getting the following error:
    Remove-AppxPackage : Deployment failed with HRESULT: 0x80073CFA, Removal failed. Please contact your software vendor.
    (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80073CFA)
    error 0x80070032: AppX Deployment Remove operation on package

    I can remove other packages....

    Thanks for the help.


  4. $location = Get-ItemProperty "HKLM:SOFTWARE\Microsoft\SMS\Setup" | Select-Object -ExpandProperty "UI Installation Directory"

    Resolves to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\AdminConsole. 

    That is the correct registry key. However AdminConsole folder is not in the C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager

    The Module is only in x86 folder. I changed the registry 'UI Installation Directory' to point to: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Configuration Manager\AdminConsole and script is working after that change.

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  5. Thanks for another great post.

    Just a qq, what are the rights do i need to assign for the created users?

    * CM_BA, used for building ConfigMgr created images

    * CM_JD, used for joining computers to the domain
    * CM_SR used for reporting services

    And CM_NAA, a domain user and CM_CP, a domain user just regular user accounts?


    And do i need to open the ports 1433, 4022 for SQL with this install?

    I see ports are open in PS script......Big Thank you.


    Thank you,

  6. I am running a lab on a home VM. I had 100GB allocated for SCCM server, but now i am running out of space.

    I think its due to updates as i have not added any packages or wim files.

    The biggest folders i can see are C:\SCCMContentLib\FileLib and my source folder.

    I have cleaned up some updates groups and Windows 10 Servicing plan. Dont see any changes to the file system.

    Maybe someone can recommend what else i can do or check?

    Thank you.

  7. Has anyone tired to create a new Compliance Settings in 1610?


    I am trying to create a setting based on the registry value.


    1. First problem, for some reason i cant connect to a client from browse registry in the settings tab.

    I can ping client, and open \\hostname\c$, but cant connect.


    2. If i try to browse local registry i do not see a key i am looking for, however i do see that key in the local registry.



    WHat am i missing here?


    Thank you.





  8. This is the only errors i see in the NetSetup.log:

    12/10/2016 11:49:09:415 unicodePwd = <SomePassword>
    12/10/2016 11:49:09:415 NetpMapGetLdapExtendedError: Parsed [0x5] from server extended error string: 00000005: SecErr: DSID-031A11E5, problem 4003 (INSUFF_ACCESS_RIGHTS), data 0
    12/10/2016 11:49:09:415 NetpModifyComputerObjectInDs: ldap_modify_s failed: 0x32 0x5
    12/10/2016 11:49:09:415 NetpCreateComputerObjectInDs: NetpModifyComputerObjectInDs failed: 0x5
    12/10/2016 11:49:09:415 NetpProvisionComputerAccount: LDAP creation failed: 0x5
    12/10/2016 11:49:09:415 NetpProvisionComputerAccount: Retrying downlevel per options
    12/10/2016 11:49:09:415 NetpManageMachineAccountWithSid: NetUserAdd on 'AD1.sccmlab.com' for 'WIN10CL001$' failed: 0x8b0
    12/10/2016 11:49:09:415 SamOpenUser on 1103 failed with 0xc0000022
    Is this related to not able to create a computer account?
    Thanks for the help.
    I updated the TS to change OU, but now i am missing DP from the "add distribution points" window.
    Is this because: If the content is already on the DP, then that DP won't show up in the list.??
    Thank you.


  9. I have Current Branch running as the lab.

    Trying to run a win10 TS. It build the OS, but fails to join the domain and fails to install the application.

    I have a lot of:

    Policy Evaluation failed, hr=0x87d00269


    Install application action failed: 'VMware Tools'. Error Code 0x87d00269


    The site is missing from site code and i am not able to tyep one in.


    I am attaching smsts.log file.

    Please let me know if i can provide any more information>?


    Thank you.


    Can i attach an image here? When i click on the image i am prompted for URL? Is there a way to attach an image from the local drive?


  10. Task Sequence finished. But did not joined the domain.

    Interesting that c:\windows\sysWOW64\ccm folder is empty and there is no logs folder.


    Looking at Configuration Manager Properties under site there is no Currently assigned site, Find Site is disabled and i am not able to type one is. Logged in as a local admin.

    Under Actions i only see Machine user policy.


    Do i have client config wrong?

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