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  1. OK so i have figured it out to this point: 1. i have WSUS installed and it is downloading updates. 2. Under the All updates section, when i set the filters to any, any, i see a whole bunch of yellow exclamation icons and for each update it says at the bottom "this superseded by another update....." so how do i find the update before it and install it? Also, next to the yellow exclamation icons in the All Updates, it also says Install count 2 , not applicable count 77 , install/not applicable 98% and approval install . What does that mean? I have read the documentation, but i do not understa
  2. Guys please help me asses my situation here. I have 1 WSUS server (windows 2008 R2) installed from a role. I have performed all the updates. I have created a group policy which is linked to the domain which specifies that all objects (workstaiotns and servers) should point to my WSUS and download updaets and then notify. In my WSUS i see all my workstations and my servers. I have created 7 groups organized by OS versions (xp, 2000, 2003, 2003 r2, 2008, 2008 r2). I have placed servers and computers in their respective groups. I have approved all updates ( i approved all updates t
  3. I am in the process of rebuilding a new FTP server. Waht i need to know is if i rebuild this new replacement server and install FTP and set it up all the way, will i be able to rename this server to the old FTP server's name and IP? (I must retain same name and ip of the old ftp server) thanks
  4. Exactly, it is also acting acting as a file server. How would i successfully copy all the shares off of it (i know i can use explorer) and retain file/ntfs permissions? I setup the whole scenario in my test lab. This is what i did and please correct me if did something wrong: 1) Built another 2008 server. Added it to the domain as a normal member server. 2)Used robocopy on the new member server to copy all the files off of DC2 (it copied all the files, but i dont see any permissions being retained, also it placed the files all over the place and not in a specific directory, please a
  5. I like your idea here. I will transfer whatever roles i have on w2k-dc2 on to w2k-dc1. Then demote w2k-dc2, all i have to do is run dcpromo to demote correct? Will i need to do anything else on DC1 or in DNS to completely remove w2k-dc2? Once i build new w2k8 with same name, will i be able to promote to it to DC by running DCpromo? Once that is done, transfer all fsmo roles from w2k-dc1 onto here and repeate again. I will maintain my hostnames and have new domain controllers correct? How will i be able to keep all my shares on w2k-dc2?
  6. Ok first of all i dont know what happened to my original post because it is gone. I must have deleted it by mistake. You see we only have 2 DCs and both are setup and GC. In addition the primary DC has all the roles assigned to it. Can't i use ADMT tool to migrate everything over to our new severs? Will that help me keep my original server names? thanks,
  7. This is exactly what i was looking for all over the internet. I have followed your documents on how to install SCCM 2007 and everything is running great. Now i need to install SCOM 2007. I came across this forum, but it says it is password protected. How would i be able to get a password to access these step by step instructions? Please advise. thanks
  8. If i promote it to AD, wouldn't all five FSMO roles automatically replicate over?
  9. Thank you for the extensive explanation and steps. will try this in a lab environment first.
  10. GOT IT!!! To be honest i have no idea what the issue could have been. I went through your full SCCM doc and configured this sucker from step A to Z. What i did notice was that WebDve was not setup. So i set it up according to MS and your docs. Disabled the firewall and configured the local admin account. It finally worked after ( i kid you not) 4 hours of playing around. thanks for excellent documentation. Saif
  11. It didnt work. I have turned off the firewall and nothing. I set the domain admin account as local admin account and nothing. This is what the ccm.log file says: this is what the ccmsetup.log on the client says: not working!
  12. I never thought about that. I will give it a try when i get back to the lab. Will post back with my results. thank you Saif
  13. My setup: AD 2008 running in native mode. Domain controllers: PriDC1 SecDC2 2008 standard server with SCCM 2007 sp2 / SQL installed. SCCMSvr Client macnines: ClientXP1 ClientXP2 I have installed SCCM to run in mix mode on my SCCM sever. I followed all the guidelines, installed all the prerequisites (by running the prechecker and fixing all the issues: extending the schema, installing iis, webdav, remote differental and so on...). Everything installed without any issues. I was able to go in and set my boundaries (currently set to Active Directory). I was able to go into
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