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  1. Hello Everyone, I cannot get my head around how to query AD in SCCM. for example: Based on groups. If I click on all systems it does not show my domain controller in the list either ? I created a newquery with "Server 6.0" & created a new coolection using that query still no joy... I try to create a new colelction using users who are members of some group it does not show any information. Update collection membership does not work either. If I do a ZTI of a OS it works fine & I can only see those objects installed using SCCM in the SCCM console but not from AD. 1. I have configured Site\boundaries to point to AD site. 2. In AD the site & services has a ip subnet assigned. 3. Discovery methods are set to enabled on System Group + Security Group + System + User Can somone please give me a checklist to troubleshoot this problem as I am going nuts Thank you ED
  2. Setup Windows 2008 R2 x64 [ roles = DC + DHCP + DNS ] Windows 2008 R2 x64 [ roles = SCCM 2007 SP2 + WDS + MDT 2010 ] Source: WDSServer Event ID: 257 Task Category: WDSServer Level: Error Description: An error occurred while trying to start the Windows Deployment Services server. Error Information: 0x4005 ====================================================== If I start the WDS services manually it starts up fine but when I restart the server it never does. I did initially get the PXE to be hit and miss while booting & connecting to SCCM but I am wondering what change I did for it to start working....but the services seem to have been stable since the last 3 builds. It seems like a the local system does not have enough rights to start the services ? But when I logon as Administrator and start manually it works fine. Please advise & direct me int he right direction. cheers Rob
  3. Yes that sounds about right what I read a couple of weeks back. cheers Rob
  4. Thank you very much for responding. I am in the midst of deploying Windows 7 Pro. Yes that answers the question. No wonder it would not work while it was part of the TS. So the question is than!!! So how does the KMS server work ? I once read up on technet it is a command line vbscript which you run with KMS as part of the command. So do the clients than look for a KMS service response from DNS and than automatically point to the KMS server ? I guess I dont need any GPO to force them to look at the KMS server like we do for WSUS ? cheers Rob
  5. Hello I have exactly the same problem. - ( Windows 7 ) The build works fine if no key is part of the build. If I insert it manually than it works fine but not part of OSD. What are the key requirements ? can it be a volume lic key OR does it have to be a ( KMS ) OR ( MAK ) key for it to work with SCCM ( OSD ZTI )? Thank you in advance Rob
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