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  1. Hi; Thanks for your help. I ´m going to review your link. But one thing. At the moment I have created a wimpe cd in order to create and deploy *.wim image from external harddisk, or DVD. I known that all process has changed. For exmaple now the sysprep.inf is a sysprep.xml file. so now I need the next: - Custom wizard wich request me the name of pc, ou, and language pack for operating system and language pack for office. - After I fill all datas. the custom wizard must be able to join the mentioned datas and run a script to changed the sysprep.xml file. Best regards Martingue25
  2. Hi all: I need help about, how can I create a custom wizard to deploy windows 7 enterprise edition from Media like hard disk. for example the custom wizard has to be able to request me the name of pc, OU, and select de OPerating system language pack and microsoft office langauge pack too. Thank´s martingue25
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