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  1. I am in a situation where I need to create probably 15 - 20 different task sequences for OS deployment. I was wondering if its possible to have 1 base task sequence for all common applications. Then for each task sequence that required unique software to be installed I could have it call the base task sequence then run the unique software task sequence. Or have the Base task sequence run to deploy the OS and ask which software task sequence to run after its done. This way when I need to change the base task sequence I dont need to change 20 task sequences I would only need to change 1. I hope that makes sense and any feed back or suggestions is much appreciated.
  2. I was wondering if there will be an option to upgrade sccm 2007 to 2012 once the final version of 2012 is released? Or will I have to setup a new 2012 server and start over
  3. I have been recieving NT Authority\System errors when I try to deploy an OS using my user name. It works fine if I use the computer name. So I was wondering is it even possible to deploy an OS using user names and user groups. The reason I ask is because i would like to give certian groups the ability to reimage any computer they logon to.
  4. Hi I setup a secondary site and added it as a distribution point and pxe service point. Everything seems to be fine but when I try to send a package to the distribution point on the secondary site server it always errors. The folder for the package is created but it will not copy any of the files. Anyone have any ideas what could be wrong?
  5. Anyone know of a good guide for setting up OCS 2007 R2? Or at least a guide for setting up the external access.
  6. I figured out what I did wrong....... I had the boundary for the remote site included in my list for the main site. Now that I have removed that boundary from the main site all seems to be working fine. Thx anyways for the fast replies I really appreciate it. I love this website!
  7. I just attached the file i hope that is correct. When I ran it again this time it grabbed the image only from the distribution point and grabbed all the software packages from the main site.
  8. I just did another OSD and this time it pulled everything from the local distribution point except for the app-v client which it came back to our main site to get. It seems kind of random......
  9. It is coming back to the main site to get the config manager and an office 2010 package oh and an app-v client package. But it pulled the windows 7 image from the local distribution point.
  10. I setup a distribution point for a remote site. It has all the required packages needed for the task sequence but for some reason it is only using some of the packages from the local distribution site and coming back to our main office to get the other half of them. Both sites the main and the remote distribution are protected DP's and they are in separate subnets. Anyone have any idea why this would happen?
  11. I will be using sccm to deploy windows 7 to all our users. In total I am looking at 800 - 1000 computers. The computers are spread around in about 20 remote locations. Right now I have 1 primary server setup at our main office that I have been using to deploy images to computers here on the local network. Everything is working fine. I would like to setup distribution points at these remote locations. I am just wondering what is the best way to setup this scenario, btw this is my fist experience using sccm I am very new to it. And all our sites have different subnets which I assume will make it easier for configuring boundaries.
  12. Thanks guys I finally got this working. I was missing the step of deploying the image with the unattended answer file.
  13. I need to copy my local admin profile to the default profile so all new users get the settings. I know how to do it using sysprep and the copy command in the answer file. But how can I work this into sccm so it will sysprep with my answer file then capture the image for me?
  14. I almost have my win 7 image ready for deployment and am just working out a few details. I was wondering if someone could give me some advice regarding the best way to active these machines. I am working in an enviroment of about 700 machines that will be getting Win 7. So I am guessing setting up a KMS server would be best. I have been using VAMT right now while testing. Also will the KMS server activate Office 2010 for me also?
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