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  1. FOUND IT - I had set my scope to 192.168.1.x and the NIC to 192.168.0.x and they needed to be on the same DOH! it now works properly and pxe boots
  2. To add to my previous posts - I have done ipconfig /all and notice that DHCP is not enabled. If I change from a static ip to an automatically assigned ip then DHCP is enabled. Why? gateway is and dns is is this correct?
  3. I have installed dhcp as the guide says, setup the scope -, and set the dhcp 60 option. Is there any way I can check that all is ok? thanks anmb
  4. I have installed server 2008 as per the forums guide for wds, on a PC with the NIC connected to a switch and set the nic ip to with the intention of just deploying windows images to machines plugged into the switch via pxe. I have set dns ip to the same as the nic When I boot the client it gets as far as the mac and guid line then dhcp four dots and eventually fails saying it cant get dhcp or proxydhcp. If I ping from the client it does not return. I have done ipconfig to check the nic address is and I have disabled the windows firewall. What can I check to try and find where my setup is failing, or what am i doing wrong? Why cant I ping from the client an get a return? have I missed the point? I have a poor knowledge of dns, could this be where the issue is? I appologise if my description is confusing but I am a server 2008 noob and my networking knowledge is very basic. many thanks anmb
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