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  1. Trying to install FEP on my central site server. It gets down to almost finished, then errors and rolls back everything. I'll attach the logfile, but here is the only error message with a number I can find: Installation success or error status: 1603 My SQL is on a different server. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'll keep googling until then. Thanks!
  2. Ok, after more digging, I think I got it. Yes, it is the image. I guess that when I made the image for these type of computers, it already had the sccm agent on it. Each agent has a unique guid. I guess it isn’t smart enough to change the guid either during a sysprep, or when the computer first checks in with the sccm server after getting put on the domain. So, I’ll have to remove the agent and make a new image. Great.
  3. SCCM newb here, but learning quickly. Thanks for all the great guides, anyweb. I am working on testing the deployment of packages. First thing I learned is that you have to be extremely patient with SCCM. I can't create a package, program, and advertisement, and expect it to fire off 5 minutes later. I set it to go about 3 hours later, and it seems to work. BUT, (and there's always a but, isn't there?) not only is the package deploying to the target PCs, but it is deploying to about 6 extra computers that aren't in the target collection. And then the weirder thing is that it seems to be the same extra computers no matter what package I advertise. Could someone give me an idea on where to start troubleshooting this? Thanks! TB
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