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  1. How can i check the pxe logs. can you kindly send me some links for checking pxe logs. I have made a double check, boundaries are also added there. i have issue for deploying OSD across VLANs. under same VLAN OS deployment is fine.
  2. I have SCCM 2007 Server, which is under VLAN15, i am using Catalyst 6509E as my DHCP with several VLANs. i have tested by creating a test dhcp pool range within same VLAN where my SCCM 2007 server resides, OSD (operating system deployment) deployment is successful without any errors. Across the VLANs i get errors while OSD deployment. under test DHCP pool i have added option 66, 67 plus i have also tried ip helper address under vlan interface but didnt help. Find my configuration for Servers VLAN and Client VLAN below. By Client computer BIOS option are to boot from NIC. Servers VLAN ---------------------------------------------------------- interface Vlan15 description SERVERS ip address Client VLAN ---------------------------------------------------------- interface Vlan30 ip address ip helper-address Note: is my SCCM 2007 Server, i have also tried as ip helper didnt help as well Client DHCP Excluded Range --------------------------------------------------------- ip dhcp excluded-address Client DHCP Pool -------------------------------------------------------- ip dhcp pool sccm network bootfile pxeboot default-router domain-name aou.edu.kw dns-server option 66 ip option 150 ip option 43 ip option 67 ip Note: is SCCM 2007 Server Errors: If i remove ip helper from interface VLAN of client, Client takes IP address across VLAN but dont start OS deployment. i recieve below error. PXE-E32: TFTP Open Timeout If i provide ip helper address (SCCM 2007 Server ip address under client VLAN i recieve below error. PXE-T04: Access Violation PXE-E36: Error Recieved from TFTP Server PXE-M0F: Exiting Intel Boot Agent
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