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  1. I have inherited administration of a recently installed SCCM 2007 system. When the company decided to move from SMS 2003 to SCCM 2007, rather than upgrade the existing hierarchy they installed SCCM on new servers with one central site and 3 primary sites. They used new site codes for the SCCM system. SCCM ran parellel with SMS until it was fully configured and ready for production. Then rather than shut down the old SMS, they just started using SCCM. At this time we are not using the old SMS system however the servers are still running and the server locator points, sites, and management points of the SMS system are still published in Active Directory under the System Management OU along with all the new SCCM sites and management points. When looking at the LocationServices log I find that the old MP's from the SMS system are being assigned as local Management points. It also shows the new MP as the "Default" management point and the Proxy Management point. Is having the old SMS system management point listed as the local MP going to cause problems with the management of these machines? Is running SMS in parellel with SCCM 2007 in the same domain causing problems that I may not be aware of? Can I safely delete the old SMS objects out of AD without turning off the old SMS servers or do I need to stop the SMS services on those machines as well? Thanks. I appreciate any feedback.
  2. Thanks. I downloaded the WAIK 1.1 version from Microsoft and launched the setup from the splash screen and it still goes back to trying to find the WAIK.msi file. So I uninstalled SCCM 2007 SP1 and deleted all references in the registry for WAIK and Windows Automated Installation Kit. Then I ran the install again and it completed. Not the easiest way but at least it worked.
  3. I tried to rerun the msi that was in c:\Program Files(x86)\Microsoft Configuration Manager\WAIK\ and it takes me to the Windows Installer box saying that the feature is on a network resource that is unavailable. It is looking in the location above for waik.msi which isn't there. I get the same thing when I use the original install location that was used to install SCCM 2007 SP1. I am not sure how to determine the version of WAIK I have or where to get the installation files. I assume I can get them from Microsoft but I am not sure what version I need to get.
  4. I am trying to uninstall WAIK on a Windows Server 2008 system with SCCM 2007 SP1 so that I can upgrage to SP2. However when I run the uninstall it says it can't find the original resource waik.msi. I have tried to google the issue and can't seem to find a way to remove WAIK so that I can continue on. Has anyone ever resolved a similar issue?
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