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  1. Hi All, I'm trying to do an image capture without first sysprep'ing the device. (Basically how I used ghost when I wanted to get a backup of a machine) My task sequence is basically this restart in win pe use toolkit package (the mdt toolkit) set variable ComputerBackupLocation capture image (%scriptroot%\ztibackup.wsf Everytime I an error on my capture image step that says 0x00000001. SMSTS.log says failed "incorrect function" I opened up the share with no change, i added my domain admin account on the capture image step and the error goes to 0x80004005 (i'll have to double check on that code) My MDT package was created by importing a mdt task sequence into SCCM and that appears to be working properly. I have no errors in my bdd.log Any ideas?
  2. Doing that now. I will test and get back with everyone. I guess I'm confused on what slow/fast relates to. I was thinking in relation to the primary site but after reading a little more it is in relation to clients w/in the boundary. DOH
  3. None of my DP's are protected at this point including the Primary DP. Also we have different sites in AD per physical location so no one site would include all clients.
  4. Hi All, Long time reader first time poster, here's my setup/issue. 1 primary site with all roles 6 branch dp's at different sites across the US I have a package and a software update that I'm trying to deploy to a site in PA (I'm in NC with the primary site). After checking the logs I realized that even though both the software update and software package are on the PA BDP that the clients are seeing both and choosing my primary server here in NC. My branch DP is in the same AD site as all machines at that PA site so my understanding is that they would choose that DP. When I protect the DP by AD site the users get an error that it cannot locate the package. The only roles on my BDP are site system and bdp. My BDP's are not protected because I needed to distribute the package and my WAN can take the hit...but I don't want it to. Here's some log entries from a client: From content transfer log: Persisted locations for CTM job {08550510-36F7-456F-8158-C9EF4F43CA03}: (REMOTE) hxxp://PRIMARYSITE/SMS_DP_SMSPKGE$/SMS00033 (REMOTE) file:\\BDP\SMSPKGC$\SMS00033 (REMOTE) file:\\PRIMARYSITE\SMSPKGE$\SMS00033 Shouldn't that BDP show up as local? They're on the same subnet in the same AD site. CAS.log attached as well. CAS.log
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