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  1. Hi I have question regarding some OS installations that are stuck in the running state long after the installation has finished. This is a problem for us because other software will not get installed unless the OSD has finished successfully. The final step in our OSD task sequence installs all software updates that are advertised. And I have selected to ignore errors in case they do occur. Because software updates will get install later on anyway (not preferred). But the problem is that when we are advertising more updates to a computer than are available on the DP. Reason might be that th
  2. I was wondering if it's possible to merge all three installation scenarios into the same task sequence? Just to make it event more simple for our helpdesk staff. I know all the basic concepts regarding USMT and hard linking and I have made them work standalone but it would be very neat in my environment to accomplish this in the same task sequence. Suggested task sequence layout would be: Install Scenario: At top of the task sequence there should be a capture state group that does only run if task sequence variable _SMSTSInWinPE not equals true. And after that the OS insta
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