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  1. Hi everybody, now i install a ris on a server 2003. after the installation i start the legacy mode to create a cd image from windows xp sp3 german. so to this step i have not any problems. but what must i make when i use a second cd image (example) windows xp sp3 english!!! Now i have make follow steps: i go to my server in the ad, right klick the ris server and go to ris properties and insert a new image from a disk. now after the image i start a client and boot over the network. but the problem is i cant not select the other images... the system select automaticly the last image... and this is my english image. thx for the solutions :-)
  2. Hi, first i say thanks for your commends and step by step guide!!! Its very very nic and simple. Yes your a right why use sms 2003. now i plant in the next month the migration from sms 2003 to sccm 2007 on server 2003. and after the migration i updatet the server 2003 to server 2008. i think that is not so triky... i hope you have a step by step guideline :-) Now to my problem issue the windows 7 client is not install the advanced client is resolved. i disabled the firewall and restart the windows 7. after the reboot i start the remote client installation and i see its work. the uac i mean have not disabled. thanks anyweb
  3. Hi, i am new on this board and i hope for lot of many solutions here. i hope you can understand me for my current problem. i have windows server 2003 with sp2 (member server in a domain). On this server is sms 2003 installed. Now for test casees we installed windows 7 Prof. in the test network. The SMS Server see the client an the client is in the collection on the sms (All System). But when is start the Advanced Client install from push method they not work to this client. I see in the ccm.log that follow error Unable to access target machine for request: ** ... error code 1003 I disabled the firewall and log with administrator account. On the Server 2008 is the Client installed with out errors... can anyone help PS: SMS 2003 is updatet to SMS 2003 with SP3. And the Hotfix for compatibility KB974014 is installed. thx
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