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  1. as you can see on screen shot i had successfully connected to server . And i had already injected those in my image. One more interesting thing . Button next appears when i chose a place for image on localharddrive and asks if i want to place it inside group on server. So i think it won't just transfer it there
  2. A little update i was able to save image on harddrive of captured pc. then i had transfered it back to wds added image in group but when i launch boot image i get that i dont have nic drivers.
  3. So i have setup Win2k8 R2 Enterprise Server x64 With roles : AD DS , DNS, DHCP, WDS I have prepaired and sysprepped windows xp machine Also i made a bootable wim on a windows 7 basis and injected inf files for virtual machine network adapter.But i get something like this Can someone tell me whats wrong ?
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