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  1. We have been using MDT2008 for the last 2 years to create our copr images and didn't had any issue, our process was the following -Create a new Operating System from the source files of Windows XP SP3 -Created standard task sequence with the new OS -Created applications Then we booted from our litetouch and selected out TS and applications.....then sysprep kicks in and reboot then capture the image. The we created a new OS from the new wim then new ts, image get install then reboot goes to sysprep and once on the desktop runs the scripts and finally we got the "Succesfully Completed". Now, we have upgraded our MDT Server to MDT2010 Update 1 and did the following -Created new OS from the source files of XP SP3 -Created ts for build and capture, we selected our Windows XP SP3 as the OS. The we booted form the Windows XP SP3 CD and did our installation, customization, ect... once finish we did a map network drive to our mdt server and launched the litetouch.vbs, we selected our "build and capture for XP" task sequence, gave the wim a name and finally click on finish, first issue that we had was an error about the CloneTag registry key that could not be found (we fixed this issue), then sysprep started then it rebooted and did the capture with no error. Once again we created a new OS and new TS, then we booted from litetouch selected the new TS, entered the domain information, account....., the image got install and then rebooted, this time it didn't got to sysprep and went almost straight to the crtl-alt-del login window, i login in as administrator and noticed that the sysprep folder was in the c:, obviously the pc was not on the domain and no script ran. Doing the same process for Windows 7 works fine so my question is, is the build and capture not compatible for creating Windows SP Images? Thanks
  2. Hi, We have a Windows 7 image that has the French language pack and we are trying to force the french to be use as the default language, we have configure the follwing settings but this des now seem to work x86_Microsoft-Windows-International-Core_neutral (Specialize) SystemLocal = fr-FR UILanguage = fr-FR UserLocale = fr-FR x86_Microsoft-Windows-International-Core_WinPE SystemLocal = fr-FR UILanguage = fr-FR UserLocale = fr-FR x86_Microsoft-Windows-International-Core_neutral (WinPE) SystemLocal = fr-FR UILanguage = fr-FR UserLocale = fr-FR Also were trying to add our MAK key in our unattend.xml but this is not working x86_Microsoft-Windows-International-Core_neutral (Specialize) ProductKey = XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX Any suggestions? Thanks
  3. Greetings, We started doing some test with USMT 3.0 using the default behavior and it worked pretty good, however as part of our implementation in our OSD we were asked to capture the following : Every personnal folder on the c: (Not c:\Windows and c:\Program Files) Every items on the root of the user profile (C:\Documents and Settings\Users), by default it only save the "My Documents" folder I have look at modifying the xml files or even creating a new xml using /genconfig but could not achieved to get this to work. Using USMT 4.0 the migdocs.xml works pretty good and save and restore everything that we need. I don't have much experience with xml language so if anyone could give me a hand that would be much appreciated. Thanks
  4. Hello, I have some questions regarding using the Microsoft Deployment Task Sequence in SCCM, we have the following setup in place MDT 2010 with a Database Configure (Roles, Make and Model) SCCM 2007 SP2 Integrated with MDT When using the Microsoft Deployment task sequence you are prompted to create or use existing packages MDT Package (This creates a distribution point to be use within your task sequence) Settings Package (CustomSettings.ini, Unattend.xml, and sysprep.inf for Windows XP) We have created a new Windows 7 x86 Image on MDT using the build and capture then created the new OS and TS in MDT, from there we used WSIM to change the copyprofile = true in order to have the same profile for every user (this works fine). Now in SCCM when we created the Settings Package we selected create new, it then created a out of the box Customsettings.ini and unattend.xml, we replaced the unattend.xml with the one we edited in MDT and updated our distribution point. When we created the Microsoft Deployment Task Sequence we also specified to join a domain using an account and also provided the Windows Settings, now when the image get's deployed for some reason the laptop/desktop do not join the domain. If you have specified in your task sequence to join a domain but in your unattend.xml you have nothing i guess the unattend.xml takes precedence? (hence the reason why it is failing) Looking at the logs i noticed the follwoing in the BDD.log The TaskSequenceID is blank, possibly a misconfigured customsettings.ini or task sequence Merge specified, but C:\_SMSTaskSequence\WDPackage\Control\\Unattend.xml wasn't found, unable to merge The WDPackage refering in this error is our MDT package and indeed we do not have any unattend.xml in that folder, in our Task Sequence under the "Apply Operating System Image" we have a check mark under "Use an unattended or sysprep answer file for a custom installation" and this is using our Settings package (CustomSettings and the unattend.xml), unless i am wrong we do need this to be enable since we want to be able to use our modified unattend.xml (specificly for the copyprofile = true in our case)? Other question, can we replace the customsettings.ini that SCCM generated when we created the package with the existing customsettings.ini that we have on MDT 2010 (We have all the settings configured for the database) and use it in SCCM? If i look under the Task Sequence i see many Gather sequence with the following configured option Initialization (Gather local data and process rules from CustomSettings.ini) Refresh Only (Gather only local data (do not process rules)) Post Install (Gather only local data (do not process rules)) State Restore (Gather only local data (do not process rules)) If we can use the pre-configured CustomSettings.ini from MDT that would save us a lot of time since we have many config in the database, however in which steps from the list above should this be configured? Thanks for your help
  5. Greetings, I have a question regarding using USMT 3.0 /4.0 with SCCM and i am kind of confused on what would be the best approach for our infrastructure. We have been using MDT 2010 for our OSD (using litetouch) and i was asked to get the integration with SCCM in place and also start doing some test with USMT. We need to use USMT for the following scenarios: 1-Windows XP - Windows XP (USMT 3.0) 2-Windows XP - Windows 7 (USMT 4.0) 3-Windows 7 - Windows 7 (USMT 4.0) I have create MDT Task Sequence in SCCM and with modifications to the state capture and state restore i was able to get scenarios 2-3 to work without any issues. For scenario 1, i read the guide created by Niall and i'm still unclear if that would be the best thing to put in place, would there be any way to use a single task sequence that would determine which version of USMT shall be used? If you think that i should be creating seperate TS to use both version could you please give me more details about the following section in your guide "When I test USMT with a SMP I separate the scanstate (capture) and loadstate (restore) sections of a task sequence into two separate task sequences targetted to two separate collections" If i understand correcly, your first task sequence will only do the capture and the second one do the restore once the OS has been deployed? if so how should the 2 task sequence should be configure? Thanks for your help much appreciated
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