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  1. Hi. Just wondering how you get the x64 Windows PE boot environment for SCCM 6.1.7100.0 en-US into Boot images. Like he selects here: http://www.windows-noob.com/forums/index.php?/topic/667-deploy-windows-7/ ? Thanks.
  2. This was of course supposed to go into SCCM not SCOM. Maybe a moderator will move this for me. Thanks.
  3. Hello. I installed Flash using scup and sccm, everything works fine. I had to uninstall Flash player from one machine, how can I force sccm to reinstall the update ? Thanks.
  4. Hi.. One problem I don't have on other SCCM servers. Software Update Compliance Status Summary - no items to show in view. WSUS has synched successfully, I can see all the updates in search folders. But for some reason the status summary is empty. I can run reports and they work fine. Any ideas ? Thanks.
  5. Hi... I'm deploying ForeFront Endpoint, that works fine, I had to uninstall it on one machine and now it doesn't reinstall. One more thing, I'm deploying Forefront definition updates, they install fine on 32 bit machines but not on 64 bit. I'm a SCCM virgin so go easy on the flame I would include the logs but I really don't know what log to look at on the client side why the update failed. I can see in the event viewer on the 64 bit machines: "The contents for update e1df4ef2-2882-4613-87da-49b6fe29a63f could not be located." I have a bunch of those, the update source share has the correct perms, thinking it has more to do with the machines being 64 bit since they are the only machines having this issue Thanks...
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