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  1. Tell me about, it's driving me insane, We are using Flash 10.1 and Shockwave 11.5. The only thing that i can think of is that it is our install mediums for these programs. They work fine if a general administrator installs them but if they are installed by the system account they break the machine. the only problem is i can't seem to find the stand alone installers for flash and shockwave. Everything that i can find on the adobe sites what me to sign to some distrubution rights first, (Which i have applied for, if it makes gettings to stand alone installers easier then its fine). any chance i could get a copy of the install files you use, something that is known to work, that way if it fails on my box then i have some further digging to do.
  2. OK we have picked up an issue with our win7 build. When we install shockwave and flash from stand alone install files (So we are not using the browser to install the plugins) and we log in with a user that does not have a populated roaming profile it can takes between 1 to 3 minutes to log the user in. We have isolated to these two programs when they are both installed on the same machine (This is regardless of wether or not they are installed via SCCM or By User). [The applications are installed by the system acccout] If you install only one of them there is no problem. I can not work out why, but something it does slows the logins down really bad. I was wondering if anyone has had a similar program. The image i am using is Win7 x64 SP1 with Office and CS4 already installed and deployed via SCCM. -- It Looks like we have isolated to the use of the system account to install the applications -- Currently verifying which application but i would take a guess it would be Flash
  3. OK I have finally resolved this. It was a compound of a couple of problems. There was a duplication of the Client in SCCM The Client was not reporting as being installed The SCCM was having a DNS Issue I removed the duplication of the client and refreshed the collections, this lead me to the client not been reported as Installed As guided by this doc Advertised Applications are not appearing in Run Advertised Programs. After Following that doc, checking the logs on the client finding nothing there and then uninstalling and reinstalling did i find a few errors on the SCCM server It could not contact the client becuase of the firewall the SCCM server was having a DNS resolver issue the first one was easy, turning off the firewall resolved this, the second i found with the help of this doco SCCM 2007 R2 Unable to connect to WMI on remote machine error = 0x800706ba After this i could restart the installer service (Yes it uses a service to install it, would of thought that it would just use a schedule task) and the client installed. Refreshed the collections and the client could then see all the install packages. The interesting thing is the microsoft docs had nothing on these problem in they troubleshooting guide.
  4. OK I have a beta test environment with the following configuration. Server 2008R2 Enterprise x64 AD Server (2008R2 Forest Level) Server 2008R2 Enterprise x64 SCCM R2 (Primary Site, Mixed Mode, DP) Windows 7 Enterprise x64 The SCCM server has been built using the guide as found on this forum as well as documents supplied by TrueSec. I have been able to complete the following. Create and Grab a Reference Image Deploy Grab Reference Image to a Manually Imported Client to a particular collection Create Application Packages (I have created the firefox package as per the instructions in the firefox tut) Created a Task Sequence for Deploying a series of applications (Following instructions from here) The Tasks and one of the applications have been advertised, I have not set any mandatory settings at present. I have checked the events for the advertisements and there are no errors generated and and i have checked the components and there are no errors logged there either. I have also checked the distribution points and there are no errors there either. But when i go to the client and do a refresh of the policies via the Configuration Manager Properties i do not get any notice that applications are available. And if i look under the Run Advertised Programs there is no advertised packages. In regards to the collection i have linked the collection to the query that assigned any computer that belongs to a particular group. The Client was also linked to the collection via a direct link. I think it has something do with the collection, i have advertised an application to the "All Desktops and Servers" Collection and the advertisement appears when i do a refresh on the machine. i have looked through the logs but can't really see any thing that looks like an error. I am new at SCCM and i can normally get my head around most things but this has got me stumped. Can someone please advise on where to go next, is there particular logs i should be looking at, things that i need to check on either the SCCM or Client machine. Thanks. **Update I have Removed all reference of the client in question from the database. Ensured that the client was in the correct security group. Removed the direct link criteria in the collection. Rerun both the System Group Discovery and System Discovery. Refreshed the Collections Membership and Confirmed that the client appears in the collection Refreshed the policies on the client. After all this i still only see the application that i have published to the "All Desktops and Servers" Collection.
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