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  1. Does any one have a decommissioning document, for the removal of servers from the network? I know there are many things to be considered but I was wondering if there is a generic list of items to check. I have been tasked with the removal of NT and 2000 servers from the estate. I've made a start on the documentation but the more I think about it, the more items I keep adding and it is getting long and cumbersome. I thought there would be some information out there but it is very thin on the ground. I've done the obvious, checking for share, services , tasks, clustering membership, LUN attachments, group memberships, UNC paths,etc.Any help, greatly appreciated.
  2. I've got a problem trying to wake a machine with SCCM 2012 WOL. WOL is enabled on the site and on the mandatory advertisement of an automatic deployment rule which deploys a software update package. However, when the deadline is reached, the machine doesn't wake up and therefore doesn't install the updates. I can power up the machine with SCCM right click tools from the console and using mc-wol.exe from the command line. I believe right click tools uses mc-wol or something similar. mc-wol is sending the magic packet using port 9. I am using unicast broadcasts and don't believe there are any arp cache issues, as it works from the command line. Does WOL in SCCM only send wake up packets to machines that are sleeping or hibernating, or does it support all sleep modes S0-S5? Even if I get this working I am not sure to use unicast (due to short time router keeps the clients' MAC and IP addresses) or subnet broadcast (security issues).Has anyone got an solutions? Thanks
  3. Does anyone know how to run a report to show the history of builds on machines i.e. somewhere I can find the old hostnames that have been previously on a number of machines. we have a 15 character hostname which has a format of country code, build type, machine type and the last eight characters made up from the MAC address. However, now we have changed to Win 7 then after the machine has been rebuilt it gets a new hostname to reflect this ( a character in the hostname changes to a 7 from an X to show the change from XP to Win 7). Is there a report in which I can see the history of a machine and its changing hostname?This will help in cleaning up our licensing issues as well as giving some kind of audit trial so we can look at zombied / orphaned accounts ,etc.Thanks
  4. Hi, I am new to the reporting side of SCCM albiet I have used the built in reports. I am after a report which can show all the software on a computer reported in Add/ Remove programs and also to show its package ID. I want to do this on multiple computers. Everyday I want to run a report from different batches of computers showing want is installed on them with their package ID so I can run this against a known set of package IDs and I'll use a VLOOKUP to give the differences. The reasoning behind this is to show each department exactly what they have on their departments computers but to hide any applications in the lookup table ( these will be mandatory system apps which they don't need to know about. Any ones any ideas ? I don't know if this is already a built in report but if not my SQL is a little rusty to say the least so I'd struggle getting this sorted. Thanks
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