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  1. Having same problem I think. Client PXE boots to the boot.wim but fails to initiate the task sequence. I have injected all the drivers I can find that should work for the HP Elite 8200. Am I missing something else? Damo31 let me know if you find what you are looking for.
  2. I have been useing SCCM 2007 on one domain within a forest trust and want to be able to manage PC's on another domain. I know it can be done but can't seem to find the documentation I need to make it work. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I assumed that the a boundry needed to be created for the IP subnet so I did that. I created a SCCMUser account on the second domain identical to the one on the site server. I know it will need the client but not sure how to do that part. What else am i missing?
  3. I have seen similar questions but not exactly the same as mine so forgive me if there is some redundancy here. We installed SCCM 2007 SP2 last spring and have never been able to use it other than some reporting. I have recently attempted to push out a small app to see if I could make it work in preparation for deploying Office 2010 with SCCM. I have followed all the steps for deploying an app checked and rechecked to make sure I did it right but end up with the same results. That is, the advertised app takes forever to show up but eventually does in the run advertised programs location on my xp pro PC. I can see the program in the default cache location but it fails to run. I know it is trying to do something as I get notified every 5 min that I have a program that is ready to install. The status shows that it failed the last time it tried to run and the details say " The requested software cannot be located. The system might be in the process of transferring these files. Try again later, or if this operation continues to fail after several attempts, please contact your administrator or helpdesk operator." I was not the one who installed SCCM and that person is gone. I know that that person burned a ticket with microsoft in the spring to get it working right but apparently there is still something we missed. I really want to use this tool but need some help. If someone can tell me what log to post that would shed light I will happily oblige. I can't help but think that there is a rights issue here or just something we missed in the configuration. And why does it take so stinking long to find out that it fails? The test app i am deploying is so small and simple.
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