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  1. Sorry, I should have included that information as well. Yes, it's a Linux based DHCP setup. Option 67 is set correctly and the routers are preconfigure to all for PXE services to our IP address. From all I can tell the DHCP server is sending the correct messages back to the WDS server. However, since the DHCP server is controlled by another group, I can't really be positive about that. Let's just say I have confidence in the setup for now
  2. This may be a brain dead problem. I've been attempting to get WDS running and have run into a problem. Have a Windows 2008 R2 server running WDS with the configuration as shown in the wds-info.txt attachment. Everything seems to check out. I have all of the TCP/UDP ports open in the firewall on the server. The DHCP server is a 3rd party server running on a different subnet over VLAN. Have worked with the DHCP server manager to allow communication with our WDS server so that PXE boot should work. I have turned on logging on the WDS server component. The attached snippet as shown in wdsserver-log-snippet.txt shows the error that is occurring. From all that I have found, the suggested corrections are to: 1. Verify that tftp can access the WDS server and manually download the wdsnbp.com/pxeboot.com file. That works fine without and access violation error. This would seem to imply that the tftp function works (correct ports are accessible, wds services are correctly configured, files are in the correct location, etc.) 2. After verifying that the tftp connection works check the registry for the appropriate rootfolder and rightsfilter. 3. Then check permissions on file locations. All of these suggested corrections have been done and the error still persists. On the client (Dell Optiplex 780 Small Form Factor, BIOS A04), the following happens: 1. On start, select PXE boot option 2. Network connection made with DHCP server (retrieves IP Address based on MAC) 3. Network boot connection to PXE server made and TFTP starts (noted on screen as TFTP followed by a period) 4. PXE-M0F error occurs. To me this seems like there may be something in correctly set with the DCHP server, but if the connection to the WDS server is made and TFTP is starting, wouldn't that eliminate the DCHP server from the loop? Any suggestions on this would be greatly appreciated. I've uninstalled/reinstalled WDS so many times I can't count that high. Regards.wds-info.txtwdsserver-log-snippet.txt
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