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  1. Hi Thanks for your reply. Bits settings are ok. I'm migrating from an old SCCM site that is still working and i have no problem with clients that working (in the same environment) set to the old server. any other ideas?
  2. Hello all We are intenndig to work with GPO Preferences on our windowsXP SP2 clients. I must check if microsoft KB915865 and KB943729 are installed on all the workstations (about 1100 WS). The build in SCCM reports (Software Update states) are not giving us the right status. Any other ideas? Thanks Peled
  3. Hello We just installed a new SCCM 2007 SP2 R3 server. When distributing application to clients, it takes a long long time to dowload source to the Cache. The server is working fine accept this issue. Any direction to check this? Thanks Peled
  4. Thanks Eswar ..... it just what i was looking for.
  5. We need to run somthing on all our Virtual server and something else on all Physical servers via SCCM. Does someone know how can i create colletion of report with all Virtual servers and anothe one for all the Physicals? Thanks Peled
  6. Hello frinds We have two sccm on two different networks. About 2000 Clients on each one. Every day we'r getting few clients that when you try to remote control them, it prompt for user name and password. The user that trying to remote have administrator rights on the rempote client. Even if you try to type the Client local administrator, the remote conftrol is failed with "access denied" masseg. Uninstall and reinstall the sccm client is not helping. Any suggestions? Thanks Peled
  7. Thanks. I didnt noticed that i can type there and set a new Category. Thanks a lot
  8. Hello frinds How can i set Categories, for programs that are showen in control panel, at the clients side. We start to have lots of programs there and it start to be hard to find specific program. Thanks Peled
  9. That was realy very good. Another Problem .... how can i add numbers of CPU Cores to this report? I'm trying to lern from the document you sent me how to do it my self but untill then... it is realy arjent so i need your help again :-) Thanks
  10. Thanks Anyweb - but please again ..... did you work with this role before? Thanks
  11. Thanks Eswar. Graet information about reports. The OU data is causing dupleaction for each computer. Is there a way to get it in other way? If not i will have to work it out in Excel Thanks
  12. Hello all We are going to install new SCCM 2007 SP2 R2. until now we used to install it on SQL 2005. Is it better to install it with SQL2008? Thanks Peled
  13. Hello all Soon, we will start moving to Windows7. I have built in report for Windows7 Assessments (Code attached). I need to add to the report, few more datiales about computers: OU of the computer account in the AD. Last logon Username Last hardware scan date Can enyobe assist with this? Thanks Peled Threport Code: SELECT DISTINCT SYS.Netbios_Name0, fcm.SiteCode, OPSYS.Caption0 AS 'Operating System', OPSYS.Version0 AS 'Version', OPSYS.CSDVersion0 AS 'Service Pack Level', CASE WHEN (OPSYS.Caption0 LIKE '%Server%') OR (OPSYS.Version0 < '6.0.6001') OR (OPSYS.Version0 = '6.0.6001' AND OPSYS.CSDVersion0 < 'Service Pack 1') THEN 'FAIL' WHEN OPSYS.Caption0 IS NULL THEN 'UNKNOWN' ELSE 'OK' END AS Status0, ROUND (CONVERT (FLOAT, PROC1.MaxClockSpeed0), -2)/1000 AS 'Processor (GHz)', CASE WHEN PROC1.MaxClockSpeed0 IS NULL THEN 'UNKNOWN' WHEN ROUND (CONVERT (FLOAT, PROC1.MaxClockSpeed0), -2)/1000 < 2.6 THEN 'FAIL' ELSE 'OK' END AS CpuStatus0, ROUND (ROUND(CONVERT (FLOAT ,MEM.TotalPhysicalMemory0) / 1048576, 2) * 1024, 0) AS C083, CASE WHEN MEM.TotalPhysicalMemory0 IS NULL THEN 'UNKNOWN' WHEN ROUND (ROUND(CONVERT (FLOAT ,MEM.TotalPhysicalMemory0) / 1048576, 2) * 1024, 0) < 2048 THEN 'FAIL' ELSE 'OK' END AS Status0, ROUND (CONVERT (FLOAT, LDISK.FreeSpace0) / 1024, 2) AS FreeSpace0, CASE WHEN LDISK.FreeSpace0 IS NULL THEN 'UNKNOWN' WHEN ROUND (CONVERT (FLOAT, LDISK.FreeSpace0) / 1024, 2) < 16 THEN 'FAIL' ELSE 'OK' END AS Status0, MAX (DA.AdapterRAM0) / 1024 AS AdapterRAM FROM v_FullCollectionMembership fcm JOIN v_R_System SYS on fcm.ResourceID=SYS.ResourceID LEFT OUTER JOIN v_GS_PROCESSOR PROC1 on SYS.ResourceID = PROC1.ResourceID LEFT OUTER JOIN v_GS_X86_PC_MEMORY MEM on SYS.ResourceID = MEM.ResourceID LEFT OUTER JOIN v_GS_OPERATING_SYSTEM OPSYS on SYS.ResourceID = OPSYS.ResourceID LEFT OUTER JOIN v_GS_LOGICAL_DISK LDISK on SYS.ResourceID = LDISK.ResourceID and LDISK.DeviceID0=SUBSTRING(OPSYS.WindowsDirectory0,1,2) LEFT OUTER JOIN v_GS_VIDEO_CONTROLLER DA on SYS.ResourceID = DA.ResourceID WHERE fcm.CollectionID = @CollID GROUP BY SYS.Netbios_Name0, fcm.SiteCode, OPSYS.Caption0, OPSYS.Version0, OPSYS.CSDVersion0, PROC1.MaxClockSpeed0, MEM.TotalPhysicalMemory0, LDISK.FreeSpace0 ORDER BY 6, 8, 10, 12, 13, 1
  14. Boundaries are different - each site have his own Boundaries.
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