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  1. Okay; I built a new Windows XP (with SP3) image and applied all critical updates except KB974571... and it works. Woohoo! So we now have a workaround that will allow re-imaging XP from within the "Run Advertised Programs" Control Panel. While researching this issue I ran across references to a hotfix (KB977203) which is supposed to be already installed on our SCCM server, but doesn't seem to be there. There is a different client hotfix package (977384) currently on our SCCM system which I think was part of the R3 upgrade, but I'm not sure. So at some point soon I need to try to install/reinstall the SCCM hotfix (KB977203) which apparently addresses this particular issue that I was running into. It should allow a computer that already has KB974571 installed to be "fixed" so that it can subsequently be re-imaged from the Control Panel. Thanks for the feedback and support; I'll try to post any updates on this situation. Take care.
  2. I found this topic (which I think includes some troubleshooting by you, AnyWeb) http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en/configmgrosd/thread/2f4a731b-385d-4ae2-9636-d46dc90ab7ef I'm going to try rebuilding the base image without KB974571 included, then capture and see if the problem still exists when deploying from "Run Advertised Programs."
  3. Yes, and this whole task sequence works fine when started from PXE.
  4. Sure... smsts.log and just to clarify a little, the computer boots up and does the Windows XP Professional Setup and does not appear to boot back up into WinPE. When the OS comes up and I login, there is no Configuration Manager in the Control Panel. So it doesn't seem to be getting through the "Setup Windows and ConfigMgr" step. Hope this makes sense; thanks for taking a look.
  5. Hello. We are using SCCM 2007 R3; we have several task sequences configured and working just fine via PXE boot. But if we try to run the TS from within Windows (Run Advertised Programs,) the TS only completes up to the "Setup Windows and ConfigMgr" and then boots to Windows OS. So the computer joins the domain, but doesn't go back into WinPE and finish installing software in the rest of the TS. Someone suggested building a new TS from scratch, but the same thing happens. My off-the-wall theory is that it has something to do with where/how the PE boot image is stored on the hard drive when deploying from within the OS, as opposed to using PXE-boot which doesn't store the boot info on the hard drive (I think.) Does anyone have a thought or suggestion on what could be causing this to work one way but not the other? Thanks in advance for any feedback.
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