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  1. Hi, Well guess what, it finally appeared after 5 days, I did not change anything since and this morning that appeared on the computer: Thanks to both of you for you answers and help! Have a nice day!
  2. Hello, On the first tab: Nothing else is configured under. Second tab: Third tab: Nothing else is configured on the two last tabs. I tried to do exactly the same configuration on a lab with https on the management point and it works as intended. I'm starting to believe that it does not play well with http enhanced. Thanks!
  3. In fact the MBAM client is installed but it doesn't show the wizard asking the user to encrypt its device neither force him too. The only way to encrypt the device is to open a cmd with administrator rights and type manage-bde -on c : or do it trough the control panel. Thanks.
  4. Yes, they match. The client version is corresponding to the 2103 sccm version. I see it appearing in the configurations tab on the CCM client. It appears as non compliant until I trigger the encryption manually. I tried to reboot several times but the MBAMclientUI.exe never appears. I tried to do a cmd -> bdehdcfg -driveinfo and it tells me that everything is ok. When I do a get-tpm with Powershell, everyting is on True and seems fine even when I launch the tpm.msc everyting is good. I also tried to reset the TPM just in case, still no luck.
  5. Thanks for the answer. The clients are on the 5.00.9049.1010 version which is pretty recent if I'm correct
  6. Did you manage to make it work? I'm in the same configuration than you (I'm on 2103 with http enhanced) except that I have registry keys that appears correctly but on my side, the MBAM client never shows up so clients never get notified of encryption policy even tough I putted non compliance grace period to 0 days. Even when I try to launch manually the MBAMclientUI.exe, it doesn't appear. I get an error in the event viewer/MBAM/admin: Which on Microsoft website means: But when I trigger the encryption manually with manage-bde c : on, the client start encrypting with the good encryption method and the recovery key appear in the database correctly. If any of you have an idea? Thanks in advance.
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