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  1. It works but it's strange that I can't deploy with ConfigMgr console. Is it a problem with firewall ?
  2. ccmsetup folder is not in C\Windows\system32 but in C:\Windows. And there is no log. My PC is on Windows 7 and it seems that WMI is preinstalled on 7. I tried to paste the folder into system32 but there is still no icons in control panel.
  3. Hello, I installed SCCM 2007 R2 on a server and I tried to deploy the SCCM client but it seems not to function. Then, directly on my PC (Windows 7) I installed ccmsetup.exe but I don't see the ConfigMgr icons in the Control panel as here. In the Configuration Manager console, my PC is considered as a non-client. Why ?
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