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  1. My task sequence is failing with the error "Cannot create a file when that file already exists. (0x800700B7)" The image I created had the ConfigMgr client on it. From the smsts log it looks like the error occurs around the time the TS is trying to install the client. Should my image not have the client on it before I use imagex to capture it? If so, how do you get the computer into a collection to advertise the TS to it? Or use Unknown computer collection? Thanks, Dan
  2. This is a known error when registry settings are larger than 8k. For me (and others) it was ESET anti virus software. The hotfix for this is included in SP1. I uninstalled the software and intend to install it in a TS later. This has been quite a process, but thanks for your help and guides, they are very helpful!
  3. Twice now on two different computers, after sysprepping I've received the error on startup "Windows could not finish configuring the system. To attempt to resume configuration, restart the computer." (and that doesn't help).
  4. I'm just getting started with sysprep. Can you tell (or point to) the steps you take to sysprep a computer? I've done it, but obviously I'm not doing it correctly. Thanks.
  5. No, there is no "Set Computer Name" step. I have Capture Windows Settings set to migrate computer name. I tried a deployment with an image of computer that was not joined to the domain, but had it set to join in the TS. It did not keep the computer name or join the domain. Is there something wrong with the way I captured the image? I basically set the computer up with all of our standard software (did not join the domain) and then started up with WinPE disk with ImageX on it and ran this command: imagex.exe /capture c: c:\rhw7.wim "W7 Pro SP1" /compress fast verify - This is the .wim I used for my OS Image. I did not sysprep the machine before i captured the image. Is this necessary? Everything was perfect except for not joining the domain and keeping the machine name I had in the image. Thanks, Dan
  6. Hello, I have successfully captured an image of a W7 x64 computer that was joined to our domain. It deploys fine with a task sequence but every machine is named with the image name that was captured (RH-W7-Image) and not the computer name of the machine being imaged. Any ideas? Thanks, Dan
  7. Thanks Lucid. I tried the Build and Capture on another model of laptop and it made it through. I'm doing well now, with another issue that I think I'll open another thread for or search for a solution. It has to do with broken guids after I reimage computers. I saw somewhere a query that will change the guid of clients as they are added to collections, have you heard of this? Thanks, Dan
  8. I am having this same issue. Sysprep is not configured in the Task Sequence (greyed out). But in the deployment windows it shows doing a sysprep. Can it do this without a sysprep package determined in the TS? Can't upload the SMSTS.log - Seems to be gone, but I did search for sysprep and nothing was found. Thanks!!
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