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  1. Hello people ! I need some help, i was requested to restrict folder from users. Some users are modifying content to avoid processes to run. I created a gpo to set the folder security like this : domain admins - full rights system - full rights ( untouched ) nothing else The problem is that our company allow domain users to be in the local admin group. How can i avoid this situation ? ( domain admins are members of local admin ) Thank you for your answers
  2. I was wrong, i must modify the boot.wim and not the litetouche.wim... Now, i can write : wpeutil initializenetwork ipconfig /setclassid XXXXXXXXXXXX wpeinit but the process stop after the wpeinit , the menu dont come....
  3. Hi there, sorry for my poor english. I want to deploy many w7 computer using MDT. But, there is a ipconfig /setclassid command to type before accessing the network. Its a router protection, and the network team dont want to remove it. How i can automat this command ? I've tried in startnet.cmd, but winpe dont take it only if i start it manually with the command prompt. My startnet.cmd was like this : ipconfig /setclassid * XXXXX*XXXXXXXX wpeinit I thanks you all for your response!
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