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  1. Hi, Is there any way from the attached screenshot that we can have a "Select ALL" option instead of selecting 1 update at a time. Regards
  2. Hi, I keep receiving the below eroors in my scanstate.log. I have changed my USMT to point to \USMT as well as USMT\X86 folders but to no avail. What is preventing copying from going through to SMP. 2011-09-22 15:59:51, Info [0x000000] USMT Started at 2011/09/22:15:59:51.104 2011-09-22 15:59:51, Info [0x000000] Command line: C:\_SMSTaskSequence\Packages\A01000E6\x86\scanstate.exe \\nadon.mercantrade.com\SMPSTOREX_F06EC7AA$\0E47F3FB81579566B9E0B7FF456B02D3B445E4A081D96CC70185D33BEA243119 /o /localonly /encrypt /key:**** /c /efs:skip /v:5 /l:C:\WINDOWS\system
  3. am having trouble using USMT and SMP.... Attached are screenshot of my settings, however every step in TS runs through as if domain user profiles are captured, but when checking SMP, nothing appears.... What needs to be done in order for TS to trigger that there are Domain user profiles to copy... Also according to documents, that the Step " capture all user profiles " runs the scanstate.exe. Anyone who can help me get this working. Doc1.doc
  4. Hi, thanks for reply... the updates which appear on the SCCm client machine.... if there is a bunch of updates to install manually, there is no select all or CRT A option to highlight all the updates to install... instead have to select 1 checkbox at a time.......
  5. Hi, Is there a option to select ALL the updates on the SCCM client which appears for installation.... Basically, all the updates show up, but have to select 1 at a time and can become tedious..... Is there a select all option to enable and install as we have set the updates to not auto install. Regards
  6. Hi, yeah, i tried with a deadline and now without a deadline..... however the wuahandler logs says updates have been installed....... now is it true that when RDP onto Server 2008, you wont receive notifications that there is updates waiting to be installed or even is installing.... i have seen some forums mention this.
  7. i am deploying Software updates from the Child Primary Site named P02 and all clients that reside on P02 site checks in with the SCCM agent... for the last few weeks, i have been struggling to understand why non of the clients on P02 site is not receiving the Software Updates notification when their are updates to be installed. OS level is 2008 R2... and namely 2008... Updates are being downloaded and looking at the Update log and WUAhandler things seem fine although i tend to think so Can someone point me or help me identify where the problem could be....... Problem is popup notificat
  8. Hi, Who can help me.... i have setup a Child Primary site in Domain A which is in its own forest. I have clients in Domain B which is in a different domain in a different forest and need to be able to have them communicate with Domain A. Firewalls between them. I tried installing client manually but it does not find the MP , FSP etc...... all the nescessary ports are open for client communication..... HOWEVER we do not allow RPC from Domain B ( where the client resides ) to communicate back to Domain A. How do i setup the client side to communicate back to the Site Server in Domain
  9. Is this error something we can overlook........... Push agent deployment works 100%..... yet we still get " CWmi::Connect(): ConnectServer(Namespace) failed. - 0x8004100e SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER ---> Unable to connect to WMI ® on remote machine "ROFUSRDSK101", error = 0x8004100e. SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER" when push agent gets initiated. below is the log error from CCM.log. As mentioned, push agent works and agent gets installed... Waiting for change in directory "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Configuration Manager\inboxes\ccr.box" for queue "Incoming", (30 minute backup timeout)
  10. We have a Clustered DB for SCCM Site Database however, a mistake was made to list DB1 and DB2 under the Site Systems as Site Database Server..... i need to rectify this by naming the Site DB by its cluster name....... and not having the 2 DB listed as mentioned... Is it as easy as Deleting the Site DB role from both Servers listed and adding the cluster name and specifying it as Site DB...... Is there any complications.
  11. Hi, Require some information on how to manage 2 SUP sites: Below is a quick overview of what i have: 1. a) Have a Central Primary site with SQL DB and SUP installed with WSUS......... Site is P01.... this hosts all Headquarters machines.... updates work and installs without issue. 2. a) Have a 2nd Primary site called P02 which sits at a different site accross a WAN called which is a Child Primary site of P01. On this site, i have WSUS installed and configured SUP to download from upstream main WSUS server which is P01. My question is this, how do i control P02 machines using SU
  12. HI, I got a few Windows 2008 and Windows 2008 R2 servers in which the SUP advertisements are not showing. Updates just will not run. Compared the logs to other working servers, and they pretty much seem to be the same. I can tell from the logs, that the updates are there and WUAHandler and Updates Deployment log works.... Shows all the updates. I have no firewall enabled. These Servers are exactly the same as the working servers. I uninstalled, reinstalled CCM client. What else can i look out for? Looking forward to hearing from you S
  13. Hi, I have SCCM R3. Confgiured another server to host the Reporting Services Point which is on the same network...... i have installed SQL 2008 R2 Reporting Services on this box... however, when setting up the Reporting Service DB and created a Service Account.. all seems fine and the reporting configuration...... On SCCM, when i go to the properties of Data Source , all the options are greyed out and says unable to communicate with Server..... I checked IIS7 on the Reporting Server and there is no virtual folder named Reports...... Has anyone experienced this issue... I can not
  14. Hi, I have a weird situation where i hope someone has had this before.... I have 1 of my SCCM client machines not displaying Client status in the console as YES.. it shows as not installed. Went to check the client and Config Manager is installed with all its settings therefore all communication is showing up. Any reason why SCCM Console would show as not installed. Shaun
  15. Hi, Created a collection with machines inside that have Visio installed and configured... created a package and setup the program to uninstall Visio and advertised the package to the collection with Visio.. It Removes the software perfectly. If someone for instance reinstall's Visio on that same machine after which was uninstalled which belongs to the OU, i want the advertisement to rerun that package automatically when it detects Visio installed. I setup HW inventory every hour, but somehow the application will not remove, even if the advertisement is set to " Always rerun program"
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