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  1. Hi, i build a package to deploy 7-zip. That works fine. Now i want to define the file extensions that opens with 7-zip (they are not set by default und i didnt find any switch) with the following cmd script: SET SC=HKLM\SOFTWARE\Classes SET Extn=7z-0 arj-4 bz2-2 bzip2-2 cab-7 cpio-7 deb-11 gz-14 gzip-14 iso-8 lha-6 lzh-6 rar-3 rpm-10 split-9 swm-15 tar-13 taz-5 tbz-2 tbz2-2 tgz-14 tpz-14 wim-15 z-5 zip-1 FOR %%j IN (%Extn%) DO ( FOR /F "tokens=1,2 delims=-" %%A IN ("%%j") DO ( REG ADD %SC%\.%%A /VE /D "7-Zip.%%A" /F REG ADD %SC%\7-Zip.%%A /VE /D "%%A Archive" /F REG ADD %SC%\7-Zip.%%A\DefaultIcon /VE /D "%PROGRAMFILES%\7-Zip\7z.dll,%%B" /F REG ADD %SC%\7-Zip.%%A\shell\open\command /VE /D "\"%PROGRAMFILES%\7-Zip\7zFM.exe\" \"%%1\"" /F ) ) The Script works in a normal cmd. So ive created a new Programm in the 7-Zip package (commandline: config.cmd. After that, i added the new Programm to my TS. But it always fails with the Error Code 0x800700FF Whats wrong?
  2. Hi, i want to build a dynamic collection to deploy our software on a fresh installed client. Ive created a TS to deploy Windows 7 (PXE boot) and joining our domain. Works fine until here. After joining the domain the pc should get all our standard software - like Office 2010, 7zip...... as fast as possible. Ive created a new collection with the following query: The Testsystem shows up. And Office 2010 Installation starts after a few minutes. But after the sucessfully Installation the Testsystems dont disappear from the collection. (ive startet a manual hardware inventory after the office installation - after that i can see the Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 entry under Software(64)in the Resource Explorer) Whats wrong? Is it because of 64 bit Office? Thanks for help (and sorry for the bad english )
  3. solved i´ve set Option 66 and 67 in DHCP
  4. Hi, i need some help . i have setup sccm 2007 sp2 r2 and want to deploy windows 7. Ive created my own network segment for testing the scenario. Ive setDHCP Server Option 066 and Option 067. PXE booting and deploying windows 7 and some software products works fine. Now i want to do some test in our production environment. On our DHCP Server ive set Option 066 and Option 067 (boot\x64\wdsnbp.com) but we have also set Option 043 Vendor-specific Information to a sdlp Server from Siemens (its a communication Server for our Siemens voip telephones)...and its needed in all network segments - so, it is set as Serveroption. If i try to PXE boot a client in our production environment, the client get an IP from the dhcp and then it hangs with the message " MTFTP..", and it's waiting for christmas. I have read, that DHCP Option 043 is the problem....but we need this option for the voip telephones. Can someone help me out? Greetings Michael
  5. Hello, i'm new here and need some help. I build a Test Environment with VMWare. Server 2008R2, Domaincontroller with SCCM 2007R2/SP2. The Testmachine was in the same subnet and i was able to pxe boot the client and deploy windows 7. Now i need some help to realize sccm with pxe boot in our production environment. Some words about our environment: 2 Domains with trust. SCCM is - not Domaincontroller, not DNS, not DHCP Server SCCM is in Domain A, DHCP is in Domain B SCCM 10.77.x.x DHCP Server 10.17.x.x PXE Client 10.16.x.x The client gets an ip from the DHCP Server. After getting the IP an error occurs: PXE-E55 ProxyDHCP did not reply to request on port 4011 What i have to configure to pxe boot the client? SCCM Status is green, WDS is running on SCCM Server. If disabled the Software Firewall Greetings Michael
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