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  1. Deleting all users takes time. But I have time so all is good
  2. Maybe, but I specified the right OU in the group discovery. Then I'll just delete them and run a new discovery to get it right. Thanks for the answer
  3. I have a problem at work where my new sccm 2012 server discovered way to many users. I had enabled the Active Directory Forest discovery and I thought it was only supposed to discover the forest and possibly add those as boundaries, but now I have 44.000 users from other locations I do not want in the DB. Is there a quick way to clean the DB for these users? The server is not in prod, but don't want to start over for I've already created some tasks and packages. I have since then setup the user discovery from the right ou, but is it safe to just select all -> delete? tried with a few, but its an extremely slow process. I'm going on vacation soon, so if that's what it takes, I can live with it And it's safe to delete users? It's only the users from the sccm db. It will never touch AD? Edit: All the objects that I want to delete has the Agent Name: "SMS_AD_SECURITY_GROUP_DISCOVERY_AGENT"
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