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  1. I have been trying to create an application with more than one deployment type. If create it with 5 deployment type only the first one installs if I create it with two ony the first one installs. I can create single applications with single deployment type and deploy then to an OSD without any issue. I am new to this - can anyone tell me where I am going wrong. Please see attached DOC
  2. I am new to this I am setting up application collections so I can add group and individual users I can write a query statement query to pull in a group eg and I can add single user as well, Is there an easier way of adding single users withour have to write a separate query statement for each user. Please see attached doc for statements Criteria.doc
  3. Yes thats correct but istnt the collection setting supposed to over ride the site settings. If I right click on the adverisement or right click on the task sequence that option isnt there. If I go to configuration manager on the client PC and goto Actions and run Machine Policy and Retrieval and Evaluation Cycle it still takes 60 mins for it to appear. Is there anyway around this ( make it appear immediately )as I will be testing all advertisments and task sequences on single test PC first before deploying to a wider group.
  4. Thanks again for coming back I have been on holiday hence the slow reply. I have now attached the doc. The client appears in the collection almost straight away and so does the advertised task .
  5. Thanks for replying please see attached doc. The site settings polling is set to 60 minutes and the collection is set to 2 minutes which should overide the the site settings . But it still takes hour for a and advertised task sequence to appear in run advertised programs. I have even force ran the Machine Policy Retrieval & Evaluation Cycle to make the advertisement appear . Am I doing this wrong. I am new to this.
  6. When I advertise a task sequence its taking a very long time for it to appear. And its random - Sometime 10 mins sometime an hour. I have one test PC (XP) in one collection for testing new advertisements. I have changed the polling interval to 2 minutes on the collection and I have manually run the Machine Policy Retrieval & Evaluation cycle but still no joy in getting them to appear straight away. This is making testing very diffcult. Can anyone help
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