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  1. I am recieving the below given error message in sms_despooler; tried to deisable the "secure key exchange"; but still no luck: SMS Despooler received an instruction and package file from site PHI that contains either software distribution data or inter-site replication data, however the despooler does not have the public key to verify the signature of the package. The instruction cannot be processed and will be retried.
  2. I have verified all the above steps and they are correct; also rebooted the server, but still no success.
  3. Yes, I have enabled the System group discovery method and I am not getting anything in the value field. I am attaching the same for your reference.
  4. Hi All, I am facing a wierd problem in my SCCM Server. I am trying to install a secondary site on a new Windows 2008 R2 Server (my SCCM is also WIN 2008 R2), but there seems to be no progress in Sec Site installation; from last 2 days there is only a hour glass icon on the name of Sec Site. I have done the below mentioned steps to install secondary site: 1. I have two servers ready to made Sec Site. 2. On the first server I pushed the Sec Site from the parent site, and provided all the necessary information. But no sucess; only a hour glass from last 2 days. 3. Now, on the other secondary server, I tried the other way i.e I ran the SCCM Setup on it to install the next secomdary site, but again here also, nothing except an Hour glass. Can someone please help me out of this...its urgent!!!!!
  5. Hi, I am having problem in creating collections based on OU membership in AD. I am attaching the screenshot of the query which I have used to create collection, but i am not able to get computers in it. I have done the "update collection..". Please help!!!
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