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  1. Hello! All of our mobile devices are Azure AD registered. We have configured two app protection policies, one for iOS and one for Android. You can find the configuration of the app protection policy below. The problem is, that the users can still save files from Microsoft Teams to Dropbox. How can I prevent the users to save files from MS Teams to private storages? Basics Name APP_iOS_-Default Description -- Platform iOS/iPadOS Apps Target to apps on all device types No Device types Unmanaged Public apps Microsoft Invoicing Microsoft Kaizala Microsoft Power Apps Microsoft 365 Admin Microsoft Excel Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft Word Microsoft Bookings Microsoft Office Microsoft OneNote Microsoft Planner Microsoft Power BI Microsoft SharePoint Microsoft StaffHub Microsoft OneDrive Microsoft Teams Microsoft Lists Microsoft Stream Microsoft To-Do Microsoft Visio Viewer Microsoft Whiteboard Custom apps -- Data protection Prevent backups Block Send org data to other apps Policy managed apps Select apps to exempt Default: tel;telprompt;skype;app-settings;calshow;itms;itmss;itms-apps;itms-appss;itms-services; Save copies of org data Block Allow user to save copies to selected services OneDrive for Business SharePoint Transfer telecommunication data to Any dialer app Dialer App URL Scheme -- Receive data from other apps All Apps Open data into Org documents Allow Allow users to open data from selected services OneDrive for Business SharePoint Camera Restrict cut, copy, and paste between other apps Any app Cut and copy character limit for any app 0 Third party keyboards Allow Encrypt org data Require Sync policy managed app data with native apps Allow Printing org data Allow Restrict web content transfer with other apps Any app Unmanaged browser protocol -- Org data notifications Allow Access requirements PIN for access Require PIN type Numeric Simple PIN Allow Select minimum PIN length 4 Touch ID instead of PIN for access (iOS 8+/iPadOS) Allow Override biometrics with PIN after timeout Not required Timeout (minutes of inactivity) 0 Face ID instead of PIN for access (iOS 11+/iPadOS) Allow PIN reset after number of days No Number of days 0 App PIN when device PIN is set Require Work or school account credentials for access Not required Recheck the access requirements after (minutes of inactivity) 10 Conditional launch Setting Value Action Max PIN attempts 5 Reset PIN Offline grace period 720 Block access (minutes) Offline grace period 90 Wipe data (days) Jailbroken/rooted devices Block access Assignments Included groups CL--AZ-MGMT-AllUsers Excluded groups CL--AZ-MFA-Exclude- CL--AZ-MGMT-BreakGlass Scope tags Default
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