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  1. So... the short story is that I have figured this out with some help on TechNet. First of all, it's easier if you run PowerShell from the Configuration Manager Console as you can see in the picture below (source link here: http://cm12sdk.net/?page_id=1623) : Or insure that you're running ALL commands from the appropriate directory and then connect to the Primary or CAS server. Type the following commands in PowerShell Console C: cd ‘.\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Configuration Manager\AdminConsole\bin’ Import-Module .\ConfigurationManager.psd1 Set-Location XXX: Now you are read
  2. Okay... so I've starting testing this commandlet using PowerShell, but it's running into issues. I also have an open thread on TechNet, but no one has figured this out yet. Here's the exact string of what's being entered and the error in PowerShell: PS C:\Windows\system32> New-CMSiteSystemServer –ServerName "Win7-SCCM-Test" -SiteCode "DP1" New-CMSiteSystemServer : Cannot validate argument on parameter 'ServerName'. System.Management.Automation.ValidationMetadataException At line:1 char:36 + New-CMSiteSystemServer –ServerName "Win7-SCCM-Test" -SiteCode "DP1" +
  3. Awesome! Thanks so much. I think this is going to be perfect. I'll have to update to CU1, but that's no problem at all since this is a new deployment.
  4. Is it possible to automate Site Server creation with PowerShell? I'm looking at creating Distribution Points at over 150 sites. Automating this would make it much faster and easier on everyone. My plan is to virtualize the servers and have them already staged at each site (Windows Server 2012, WDS and other pre-reqs already applied). The goal is to run a script adding the server as a Site System and also making it a Distribution Point and possibly a Software Update Point as well.
  5. ***DISREGARD... probably going with an MDM client that can handle this*** Is it possible to push/deploy individual files through SCCM 2012? My end-goal is to not only publish/deploy applications, but relevant files as well. For instance, if I deploy Adobe Reader XI, I'd like to go ahead and send some PDFs to a specific location on the PC. The thought process is to have task sequences that eliminate GPOs or hundreds of powershell scripts which can add complexity to the environment very quickly if done in mass quantities.
  6. SOLUTION: I was able to delete the PXE Distribution Point, recreate it, restart WDS and everything seemed to flow smoothly. That is, after deleting the point from all of the boot images, packages, OSs, etc. and re-adding, of course. Didn't want to go to that extreme so early, but it worked.
  7. I just inherited an SCCM 2007 environment and we're seeing some errors in a deployment. Supposedly, this same advertisement worked for this exact hardware just a few months ago. No one thinks anything has changed since then. Log posted below... you'll see the failures referencing DDR. I've never seen this error before and don't know where to begin troubleshooting since all the other logs seem to be fine. But again, it's been a while since I've been in the SCCM environment so I may have missed something minor. <![LOG[LOGGING: Finalize process ID set to 812]LOG]!><time="15:15:
  8. The title is vague, but here is my dilemma: We have XP Pro .WIM images that have been captured, but they were not sysprepped and do not have the sysprep folder present. The problem is that these images cannot be rebuilt at this time. I can use SCCM to image them, but I receive and error at the end. Configuration Manager is looking for the sysprep folder. Can I implement a task within the task sequence that would send the sysprep folder to the C:\ drive before Configuration Manager setup runs? But obviously after the image is applied.... ?
  9. I am curious if there is a difference in the boot.ini file that can fix this prior to the capture process...
  10. I am attempting to update our entire image library of older XP images that we still have to support. The images are created with Ghost 8. I load the images and much to my dismay, they have 2 partitions. Apparently, the images were custom by Dell. I have attempted to capture the machines with MDT and SCCM capture media. They capture goes well with sysprep, etc. Once I attempt to deploy the .WIM for testing, however, it fails every time. The error message upon boot "cannot start due to hardware configuration changes" or something to that effect. It appears that the boot is looking f
  11. Is it possible to create bootable media that hold multiple images? I'd like to deploy techs with a hard drive that could potentially have our entire library of images. they would simply boot up like normal and pick from a list; much like when imaging from the network share.
  12. Is there a method to capture only the differences made to an image? For instance, can I have a base image, add a program or file, and recapture only the differences made? It would save disk space and it would make deployment a lot easier than say 6 different images with only minor differences. Thought process: 1 base image, add config files or programs through packages on the back-end as a task sequence. What's the easiest method if the above is not feasible? Thanks.
  13. At what point do I make them optional in the process? Is it in the task sequence or the advertisement portion itself? I can't seem to locate any place that makes this optional.
  14. How do I manage multiple images in a lite-touch scenario? For instance, allowing the ability to choose which Image is installed to which machine? Thanks
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