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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone I have deploy in some time no problems, I have SCCM 2007 R3. In OSD -> Task Sequence -> Windows 7 2012 Fall -> inside of that TS -> References -> Type: Software package; Name MDT 2010 Files; Package ID NUK00014; Version 1.00 that "MDT 2010 Files" is in SD -> Package -> OS Installation -> MDT 2010 Files and the DP is okey i can find it. when I deploy OS now i choose Task Sequence Wizard and choose "Windows 7 2012 Fall" and its start to deploy but stops and tells me that this Package "NUK00014" is inaccessible even its looks okey, last week i can deploy with no problems has anyone got suggestions ?-) thanks in advance
  2. Hi there, Here is a little history of my siuation: I have been deployment Windows 7 images for just over a month, so my experience is limited. I've had sucess deployment images until this point. I wanted to have a french image, and so I captured the image in the following fashion: 1) booted up a computer with the windows 7 in french and with the slight corrections I made to preferences etc. 2) access the MDT deployment share by the UNC path and ran the lite touch deployment script and ran the capture from there. I orginally had issues, because I needed to remove the Domain information in the MDT 2010 rules section, as well as SkipCapture=no, and SkipTaskSequence=no. Since then, I was able to capture the image and no problem. Then in MDT 2010 work bench, I created a new Operating System, under Custom and browsed to the .wim capture file that was just created. I also browsed to the set-up files of the OS, which I extracted from a win 7 CD. I hadnt done this before in my first attempt, and it gave me a error message during the deployment saying it was missing set-up files. I then read I needed to include these files which I did. I updated the deployment share, and prepared to deploy this new french image. However, the computer after the PXE boot, restarts just before I see the task sequence screen. I have a custome background, and I can see that. I can ping the MDT server no problem. I read to press F8 to enter CMD, and to access the log files however I dont have any at this point. Another thing to note, is I needed to create a new model in Out of the box drivers for the dell model laptop that had the french OS. I added the network drivers, display and audio in their own subfolder. I am out of ideas and I need to get this working soon. Any ideas guys?
  3. Hi, I would like some advice on howto go about upgrading a Live Environment of Sccm 2007 R3 with MDT 2010 integration to MDT 2012. Im using MDT 2012 in are test environment and its working very well and I would like to upgrade the Live Environment without breaking anything. Has anyone done this ? how do I integrate it to sccm 2007 r3 once ive upgraded. Any help would be appreciated. thank you
  4. i want step by step windows 7 deployment through MDT 2010 (Refresh Scenario) in domain environment. It should copy all user profile and c:\ drive data ( If user created folder's in c:\ and kept some data in that should also copy)
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