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Can't copy a .SCR file to target machines

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I am posting this here since I did not know where to post this. And I know there are some smart people on this site so here goes.....

We have windows XP machines. I am not able to copy a .SCR file to the c:\windows\system32 folder or anyplace on the drive, not even c:\Temp. No matter what I do I can't. I've tried the following.

Rename the file to SC.SC1
copy sc.sc1 to c:\windows\system32 (this works)
ren sc.sc1 sc.scr fails.
error renaming file or folder
cannot rename sc.sc1: access is denied
make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file si not currently in use.

I have tried pushing out sc.scr using SCCM 2007 which runs in the System Account. That fails
I have tried pushing out a .CMD file using SCCM 2007. This .CMD file has the following

copy %~dp0*sc.sc1 "c:\windows\system32" /y
cd windows\system32
ren sc.sc1 sc.scr

This fails too.

I have taken my XP machine and placed it into it's own OU within AD. I have blocked all other GPO's from running. I have logged into this XP machine as an Admin and run GPRESULTS /Z NO GPO'S ARE BEING APPLIED !! Yet I still can't rename this file.

I CAN copy other files to C:\windows\system32. I can create Foldes there I can create .TXT files. I can actually create or copy .EXE files to C:\windows\system32, just not .SCR files.

I checked to see if it was Firewalls or McAfee and it is not.

What can prevent this? is it a REG key? if so which one?

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I removed my machines from the domain and I still can't copy a .SCR file to my hard drive. so it is not any policy or login script. Something changed in the registry or local security. and speaking of local security I did not find anything in the Local Security Policy.

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