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Automatically set all new networks to Private (Work)

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need some advice... more specifically, some direction...


I have a situation where I have to image a machine to Win 7 Enterprise but need the machine to automatically set every new network as a Private(Work) network. This has to be part of the initial image due to the configuration of the networks at our remote locations. I am using standalone image media created with SCCM2012 because each of our remote locations has its own individual ISP which are not connected to our CAS. We install a lightweight, no-touch VPN software to connect them back to our main office (and CAS) at the end of the SCCM Task sequence during the OS deployment.


When the VPN software we use to automatically connect to our corporate office network is installed, it creates 2 virtual network adapters in addition to the physical NIC in the machine. These machines cannot be joined to our domain until this connection is made. When the first connection is made by the VPN client, the network is discovered as an "unidentified" network as the machine is not able to joined to our domain before this VPN connection is made.


I have been able to get this to work after loading a machine in a lab environment by editing local GPO settings, effectively resetting all the network type settings by deleting 3 registry keys and recreating them with empty defaults, then rebooting. When the user logs back in, all 3 networks are "rediscovered" and set as Private(Work). Once the machine is then joined to our domain over the VPN connection, the previously unidentified network is becomes recognized as a domain network and is then set as a Private(Work) network as it should be. The vpn software does not initially connect fully and allow the domain join if the unidentified network is set as Public.


I'm terribly sorry for the long-winded back story, but I felt its important to explain why I need this help. (besides, more information is easier to process than not enough)


so, my question is this: how can I deploy an OS with specific local Computer GPOs policies enabled?

When the machine is sysprep'ed, it resets all of the local GPOs back to defaults, and by finding a way to automate this, I can take advantage of more automation in the TS. A unique GUID is created when a network is discovered, so I can't create a .reg file to import with post-installation scripts.

The Network List Manager Policies are not exported when Security Settings are exported from Group policy Editor, so I can't use that.

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