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Software in reference image is gone after deployment

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Hi All,


I've created a reference image (windows 7 x64) a few months ago. This reference image also contains a few applications like Office 2013, Silverlight...


I've been using this reference image for a few months now. I've installed it on several types of Dell clients and everything works fine.


Last week, I received a new type of laptop (Dell Latitude E6540). I added the new drivers to the task sequence (apply driver package method) and started the installation. This went well, the task sequence finished without errors.


I started the laptop and at first sight, everything looked ok, instead... at the add/remove programs, a lot of software was gone! Office, Silverlight... were not listed under add/remove programs!

When I browse to program files (x86), the folders/files of the software are there.

So... for some reason, this type of laptop breaks my reference image! I'm troubleshooting this issue for a week now, and don't know what to do anymore :(


Can somebody give me some advice on this?


Tanks in advance!

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I suggest taking the "apply drivers" package out of the task sequence to eliminate that as a possible conflict. The laptop will likely still build (albeit with a lot of missing drivers). Or create a new driver package with only the network and storage drivers being installed. If that works and doesn't change your Add/Remove Programs control panel, then you can add drivers to the package a few at a time.

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