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Client Push Installation

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It wasn't a big deal. I have it all setup within Hyper-V on my domain. I was able to revert to the last checkpoint which was easy. Just had to rebuild the SQL database.


What I can't understand is I have got all the roles for sccm installed on my one and only SCCM server. However even if I push the client out to the SCCM server I still get the same issues.

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Ok so I've copied the Client folder to my server that I want to install config manager on. Ran it and checked the ccmsetup log. There has to be a simple solution as to why this is happening.


Based on this information, it appears that it's having issues finding the distribution point. Have you installed a distribution point on the server where you copied the client files to?

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Ok my server is called J-SCCM-01. It's running on Server 2012 R2 and is running System Center 2012 R2. It has the following roles installed on to it. - And these are all out of the box.


- Component Server

- Distribution Point

- Fallback status point

- Management Point

- Site Server

- Site System


I also have another server named J-SQL-01. This is the server that houses my database.


I have uploaded all the settings for the distribution point.


Hope someone can help with this.









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On the second screen shot, enable PXE support for clients.

Enable to two options about the DP respoding to PXE requests and allowing unknown computers.

It's up to you if you want a password or not.


Set the affinity to automatic.


Then go to your Software Library > Boot Images

Deploy both the x86 and x64 boot images.


You then need to enable PXE support for both images by right clicking on them, choosing properties and going to the "Data Source" tab.

Select the option at the bottom which says "Deploy this boot image from the PXE service point"

Also, for troubleshooting, it's worth going to the "Customization" tab and choose "Enable command support". This allows you to press F8 within WinPE to bring up a CMD window (always helps me!!).


When you click Apply/OK, it will warn you that you've made changes and it needs to be redistributed. Allow this (Yes), and wait again a little bit.


If you haven't, you also need to enble a Network Access Account for SCCM to use.

Go to Administration > Site Configuration > Sites and select your server.

Right click it & choose "Configure site components" then "Software Distribution"


Go to the Network Access Account tab and "Specify the account that access the network locations". In the "Set" button, select new user and add one that has access to all of the images/software..etc.

If it's a test environment, choose a domain admin account. Makes life a little easier, but in practise you're better off creating a specific account in AD for this kind of thing for safety.

Point the locaiton below to the location of the software/images and make sure it can reach them all by choosing "Test connection".





Create a Task Sequence for OSD and deploy it to the collection you wish to use and give it a go.


*I was able to write this small "guide" (if you like) by following some of anywebs guides which are freely available to anyone from this link*


**When you enable PXE support, if it's not already installed/configured, SCCM will install WDS on the server in question AND configure it. This will take a little bit of time, as expected, so give it some time before you attempt to PXE boot. You can monitor the "distrmgr.log" file until you see that it has completed (following anywebs guide, I think the line you're looking for is: Run completed for: ServerManagerCmd.exe -i WDS -a").**


***Don't forget to add and deploy an Operating System Image***

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Evening guys,


so after a week end at it I've finally managed to get it working!!!!


The reason why it was failing? hmm im not entirely sure but I followed the guide here which basically installs the 'Application' role and also changed a few client install settings. Ran it again and it's installed fine with no errors. - FINALLY! :-D


Can anyone deliberate as to what the issue could have been? I've followed CBT Nuggets word for word and Greg Shields (the trainer) pushed install and it works. Surely he must have made a few changes off camera?

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