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  1. Hi all, I have stuck in an odd scenario,I'm trying to deploy a task sequence to a tablet (clean SSD without OS installed). After winpe load completely it says "Windows is starting" then "Preparing Network Connections" after the 2 messages, client reboots.When the system center background appears hit F8 and run an ipconfig, find client cannot get ip address immediately and after several attempting it get an ip address then ping the sccm/ADDS server, return successfully. So NIC driver should be correct. What's the odd phenomenon is that when I try to deploy the task sequence to another ta
  2. Hi, Use the "Test Connection" function to verify this and the account which I specified can access the share file successful. Reenter the password and deploy the TS,still get the same error,thus it may not be related. any idea?
  3. Hi, Jorgen Another info.is that the task sequence can be deployed successful via USB media stick method.
  4. Hi,giftedwon The client get IP from the DHCP server and the ip address should be in the range.However, I will recheck this point and feedback to you.BTW,what shall I do if IP subnet is not in the boundary?
  5. Hi, Jorgen Many thanks for your hints. Does it means that the account have not sufficient privilege to get the specify file? or the account has wrong configuration. however, i use the domain administrator as network access account.I will recheck it and feedback tomorrow. Thanks.
  6. Hi all, The title is the issue that i encounter and its from the smsts.log attach the log file and hope your help! I will feedback this topic ASAP if you give any direction. Any help is appreciate. smsts.log
  7. Hi all, I have two different platform device in my lab, one is Dell Venue 11 tablet which has UEFI BIOS and with CSM supported.it's a x64 architecture device. The other is a Dell Venue 8 tablet which only has UEFI BIOS, it's suppose to a x86 architecture device. i have create two collection called x64 and x86, I want to separate the two platform to the target collection by their architecture automatically,what variable should i use in the collection query option? Need your help and any advise is appreciate.
  8. Rebuilding is a huge work,there is a very useful guide from anyweb in this forum you can refer to. however,for further use,it's worth to record your steps in the setup progress. good luck and hope feedback.
  9. Hey guy, through above thread you have set it to “HTTP” and then --> In lab environment, there is a simple and valuable method to try:Turn off the firewall of your SCCM server and client. This just to check where the issue occur at the DP or server configuration and JUST IN THE LAB. hope help~~
  10. Did your usb network card is a USB 3.0 device? try to replace with a USB 2.0 one or import your usb network card driver into your Boot Image.
  11. Have success deployed win8.1 by ASIX/Realtek USB-LAN dongle on Dell Venue 11,please verify your task sequence firstly.
  12. does your "HP DL380p" is tablet platform only with uefi supported? no legacy/CSM and 32-bit OS installed?
  13. hi guy,I have same toy Dell venue 11 Pro with 32-bit operating system on x64 based processor and stuck in same issue with you. There should be two separated symptom you have. Scenario 1. screen flashes quickly when download NBP file in the UEFI PXE progress. -->the right behavior of this step should be "download NBP file successful" message (WDS Boot Manager)solid displayed and waiting for user to press enter key to continue the progress for this symptom:what your version of boot image? did you use the SCCM native contained(6.3.9600.16384)? If yes,update to 6.3.9600.17031 and try again.
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