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Hi All,


I have create a Boolean global condition which checks if Outlook.exe is running. I then used this as a requirement for an application so that it would install the application only if outlook was closed.

I tested this by making a required deployment to a test machine this failed and did not retry the install once I closed outlook below is the error I received.



Category: Evaluation Failed

Error Description: The handle is invalid


Is there any was I can have this global condition as a requirement so that when the user closed outlook the application will install




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I wouldn't try to do that with a global conditions, as it's not being checked that often. It would only be checked again during the re-evaluation of the application, which could potentially cause it to take months before an application is installation.


Have a look at the PowerShell App Deployment toolkit as I think it can help you with something like this: https://psappdeploytoolkit.codeplex.com/

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