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Installing Updates During an OS TS

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Good Afternoon all,


I have inherited SCCM 2012 from my company after our lead sccm engineer left. Things are going good, but I have a question I'm hoping you guys can answer. Currently during certain TS's, there are steps to install service packs for software (visual studio 2010 being a good example.) I want to have sccm install it during the windows updates part of the image TS, but I dont know where it pulls the updates it uses from. Do i just need to make a new update group, and download the SP, along with other VS 2010 updates, or will it automatically go out, check, pull them down, and install them?


Sorry if this is a newbish question.



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Ok, that makes sense. Thanks. Do you have any best practices for applying updates during an image to keep machines pretty up to date? This guy left groups from each month, but most of them arent even targeting the group he used for images, which means i know they arent being deployed.


I'm guessing the simple answer to this is update the base image every so often, so it's fairly up to date.

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