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marius dinca

windows xp pre update with wds-legacy

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Ok, my problem is as follows:

i have a windows xp without any updates on it form microsoft.I wanted to see if i can update it before installing it to my pc's, and so i tried it with sysprep and imagex and wds normal but it dosent work because just now i realized it wont work on different configurations of pc's.So my question is can i update my windows xp image and put it back in iso so i can use legacy?or how can i generalize this syspreped image so it works on more configurations.

Sorry if my questions seem noob but i am kind of a noob in this.I just want to know if it is possible and if it is how?...

a hint would suffice too....

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okey, the progress so far is that i slipstreamed sp3 to my installation cd and now it says i dont have the drivers for the network cards when i try to launch it with WDS-Legacy...HOW???

i dont get it, the drivers from sp3 are older than sp2???how is that possible?or did i do something wrong?

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