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Afternoon All,


Hopefully there are some experienced SCUP users here on the forums. I seem to have an issue with the "Automatic" publishing feature of SCUP. They publish metadata only, despite client requesting that they need the update. My understanding is that if any Configuration Manager clients are requesting the update a full content will be initiated otherwise only metadata will be published. Am i missing something? Is there a specific log I can look at to see why it's not switching to full content automatically when requested?



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Well, it's working now, but not exactly sure how. I changed the package source threshold to 100 and I added our proxy server info into SCUP (however I was able to manually publish full content without proxy being configured). Also I had to republish the updates from SCUP. I will have to see how future updates publish using automatic. It's almost as if I need to publish them to WSUS/SCCM so machines can report back that they require it and then republish them once they've reported. I hope that's not the case.

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