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GPO interaction with AD - Password never Expires

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Hi guys,


I'm new here, but I've been visiting every now and then and found a solution most of the times.


I'm not an expert of GPO but I was tasked to look at a solution either ways (just joined a new team).
Our security team wants to make sure that every single person in the company has to change his password every tot days. Now, that's done already, except for global accounts.


Let's say _No-Expiration is a group containing all the users that I want their password not to expire. Now, what I want to achieve is to get a GPO set for all OU's which has to overwrite the Password never expires option in AD and unflag it (unless that user is a member of the above group).
So I actually want to:

  1. Overrule AD
  2. Actually change the flag of the object


Is this possible?


Thank you

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You would create a second policy that sets the password to never expire. Link it before the policy that sets the password policy to change every x days. Since it is set prior it will be applied first thus following policy settings will be "ignored" (unless you implement loopback).


Computer Configuration | Policies | Windows Settings | Security Settings | Account Policies | Password Policy


Set the Max pwd age to 0

Set the Min pwd age to 0



Obviously you are running at risk by implementing this policy.

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