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USMT for Office 2007/2010 to 2013 migration? Need help!!

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First time writer and happy to be part of the Forum :)


OK so I've looked around and read as much as i could find but still having issues.


We have an office of about 30 users, most on windows 7 X64, some have office 2007 and some have 2010.

We are looking to clean up their systems and get them onto a uniform image (win7 x64 as well).

Most of the systems are full of adware/spyware and old uninstallable software that no one uses anymore (Realplayer? AOL?)I am moving all their files/favorites to a file share for backups.


after looking at the machines the only things i really want to migrate are their office settings: signatures, dictionaries, layout/settings etc. (addins will be replaced with new ones).


so after looking everywhere i find migration assistant and usmt. I tired using Migration assistant but it has very little to configure so its taking a lot of garbage across.


With USMT im finding that its very complex and not working for me.


1st question: What version of USMT should i use (I theres 4,5, and 6.3)?


ok so i go to the desktop and copy usmt tot he local drive. i run Scanstate.exe /i:migapp.xml /i:migdocs.xml /genconfig:config.xml


this creates the config.xml file for me for the PC. cool. Now i open the file and say not to everything except all the office stuff at the top, UXTheme and ThemeUI (users desktop layout and background), and shmig (folder layout).


ok so now i run this command to capture: Scanstate.exe C:\migfile /i:migapp.xml /i:migdocs.xml /config:config.xml /uel:0 /v:5 /vsc /o

(run for the current user only, vervose and overwrite if an existing file is present)


the command runs and gives an error code 0 (ran successfully?) and i have a file in my c:\migfile\usmt folder


so now i try to use the file, but everytime i run it i get an error (cant open file) and when y look inside of it (migviewer/migrecover utility) its empty.


What am i doing wrong?


is ti that I'm telling the system not to copy the user files or anything else?

like i said i just want to grab the office stuff and thats it.



thank you all :)

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Hi Pepo


I realize this is an old post..

What you should do is use USMT 10, since it supports from Windows 7 and in the other end supports all the way up to Office 2013 (2016 not yet?).


Please also look into this guide




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