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Collection Query for Endpoint Policy Application

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We have about 400 (out of ~35,000) devices that have had a failure in the Endpoint Policy Application. The issue appears to be the Registry.pol file so I've got a batch file I can run that will resolve it by deleting the Registry.Pol and restarting the CCMEXEC service.


What I want to do is to create a dynamic collection based on a query that only pulls in devices where the policy application status was "failed". So i can have that batch file run, and then the following day those devices will drop out of the collection as they won't meet the criteria any more.


I can kind of see how this would work in a report, but reports don't translate back into collection queries very well.


Can any one provide any help in creating this collection query?


All devices where Policy Application State is "failed".

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If you are still having this problem, I suspect that the "Failed" status has an associated registry key. If this is true, you could rather easily extend your hardware class and capture the it via hardware inventory. Then, it is simply a case of creating a collection based on this key.


if you still need this, take a look at my friend Victor's post here: http://www.esebenza.com/configuration-manager/collecting-registry-keys-with-sccm-2012/.


let me know if you have any questions.

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