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IE11 Enterprise Mode List



Not sure if this should go in this section, but it is a Windows 7 issue with IE11.


So, a background. We have IE11(version 11.0.9600) running on Windows 7 64bit and an Enterprise Mode list sitting on our server. We have added a bunch of sites and web app links in here.

Initially it seemed that IE11 was not honouring what was on the list, after I took over this issue I could see IE11 is pulling down the list when changed and is in fact honouring what we have on there.


The problem is, we have a lot of sites that need to be run in Doc mode 5, but only the first page is actually opening in that mode(it is set to doc mode 5 on the list), any further sub pages are changing to Default-Edge as soon as they are opened. I confirmed this by pressing F12 while on the sites and can see the doc mode change from 5 to Edge when I click out of the main page.


Can you add sites into enterprise mode list and have sub pages of that site also honour the document mode selected for the initial page?


I have only just started using Enterprise Mode list manager and don't see an option to allow this. I've looked online and can see nothing on this particular issue.


Below is a sample of the enterprise mode list(I've changed the sites name for security etc):


<path docMode="5">/sites/webapp1/default.aspx</path>
<path docMode="5">/sites/webapp2/Brft/default.aspx</path>
<path docMode="5">/sites/webappsales/4fu/default.aspx</path>
<path docMode="7">/sites/mylearning/Pages/home.aspx</path>


So lets look at the webapp1 site. This loads up fine in doc mode 5, but any sub pages change back to default-edge.


I know I've gone on a bit, but I really hope someone can make sense of my ramblings and be able to help me out.




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I can mix modes within the same domain so I can have Edge on www.bbc.co.uk/news and Document mode 5 on www.bbc.co.uk/sport


Not quite what you're asking though you could test in a lab setup.


Make sure you have the enterprise mode hotfixes installed:





Hi, thanks for replying.


What we want to have happen is a user goes to say www.blahblahstuff.net/sites/webapp1/default.aspx and we have set this as doc mode 5 on the enterprise mode list. It works perfectly and I can confirm they are in the right doc mode.


But as soon as they click on a link within that site/webapp(lets say the page is now www.blahblahstuff.net/sites/webapp1/intstuff.html) IE11 changes from doc mode 5(which we set on the enterprise list) to Edge-default mode.


So, from what I can see it only honours the very first page and not any sub pages or links. We have tried adding just www.blahblahstuff.net/sites/webapp1/ to the list but then everything is in default-edge mode.


Not really sure what's going on. So any help/advice/samples is much appreciated. We do have a test enviro so I can try out anything in safety.

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