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Help - All my collection refresh/update at 4am

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Hi there,

i'm facing something really wierd hope you guys can help me.


I have SCCM 2012 R2 Sp1

5.00.8239.1000 build 8239


I really don't know why but all my collection (average 300) are updating at 4h00 AM !


I'm using (WSUS) with my sccm and this is really not good for me....i prefer to control my membership update (i.e every monday at 6h00 am right on that specific collection)

i really want to turn that off.....after 2days of searching...i just don't get it and i am lost HELP! SOS


There is only 1 post look very very similar of what i'm talking about


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Depending on how you are doing the memberships if its direct or Query based and you have the check box for "Use Incremental updates for this collection" that will be why they are updating at random times.


Like Peter said you'll need to investigate the colleval.log as well in order to try and pin it down. The limiting collections though won't add anything to another collection unless its running a query and/or incremental update check. If you are going to always do direct membership then I'd leave the check box unchecked for the Incremental updates.

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