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  1. Not working i am not able to get a new boot image imported.....same as the screenshot still :-( and still the drivers tabs missing....
  2. Well this solution not working for me....sadly
  3. Thanks, sorry i'm just stressful.....
  4. I'm having another issue something strange and maybe someone here can help me I'm trying to add a new boot image (boot.wim) but i do have alot of problem with my boot image ! I don't know how to restart the whole thing from scratch and i don't know if it a good idea.... here a screenshot when i try to add a new boot image !!! Can't select any boot image x64 or i386 so if i delete my 2 boot image there i think i'm fuck ! WOAH!
  5. ya, focus on NIC and Storage drivers in the boot image ! that would be my pick I'm facing the same problem with a new laptop HP 840
  6. I think that make sense , I am looking in that direction also.....
  7. Hi there, i'm facing something really wierd hope you guys can help me. I have SCCM 2012 R2 Sp1 5.00.8239.1000 build 8239 I really don't know why but all my collection (average 300) are updating at 4h00 AM ! I'm using (WSUS) with my sccm and this is really not good for me....i prefer to control my membership update (i.e every monday at 6h00 am right on that specific collection) i really want to turn that off.....after 2days of searching...i just don't get it and i am lost HELP! SOS There is only 1 post look very very similar of what i'm talking about http://blogs.technet.com/b/senthilkumar/archive/2014/06/08/configmgr-2012-r2-collection-evaluation-overview.aspx
  8. Ok now i understand it not working with a restart that show like a maintenance windows with a countdown that install my application?
  9. Ok well if i do a maintenance windows on a collection that advert IE only....how the maintenance windows will know to call the advert ? And i guess it will only advert IE advert cause it the only one on the collection no?
  10. I did a course of AdminStudio, well the 1st thing the instructor told us is: packing is farwest there is no by the book and stuff well not really...i suggest to you this website it might help http://www.itninja.com/ have fun :-) also dont forget the /? command!!!! help alot !
  11. Found it :-) No recurrence. The scheduled event occurs once at the specified time. thanks you ill test it tomorrow
  12. Any idea how i can do this? This is really what i want? Work with a collection?
  13. Hi there, im not sure if it a good idea but here my problem. I want to use sccm to deploy Internet Explorer 8 on some desktop, but i know if my user is browsing this will crash the installation. Internet explorer 8 need a reboot also....so i was thinking about a maintenance windows....Ive never used it....before! My question, can we set a maintenance windows for 1 advertissement like a 1 shot deal....so my user will need to reboot then he/she will see the maintenance windows, that will install I.E 8 and then a reboot and it done and never repeat that windows maintenance if success...... Sorry for my english. ;-)
  14. Appdeploy is now ITNinja ... http://www.itninja.com/ I used this link http://www.itninja.com/software/browse?WithTips=WithTips
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